Season 9, illustration 2 She"s simply Hating on Me

Tarek defends his fashion options when Christina can"t aid but make fun of his faux hair coat.

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Season 9, episode 3 chaos to course

Christina and Tarek fully makeover a vandalized residence with a new kitchen, a classy dining room and also a renovated pool.

Season 9, illustration 4 The Grout an obstacle

Tarek is insistent that gray grout looks far better than white in the shower, and also he"s all set to prove it come Christina.

Season 9, episode 7 contemporary Color

Tarek and Christina provide an unkempt residence a modern makeover through an elegant blue and gray color scheme throughout.

Season 9, episode 8 Turmeric troubles

Tarek El Moussa faces fatality when his healthy and balanced breakfast shot has actually a difficult time going down.

Season 9, illustration 9 Disarray revolution

Christina and also Tarek renovate a home that to be left in a state of chaos to a beautiful house with a substantial open living room and also a marble kitchen island.

Season 9, illustration 10 Greek Godlike structure

Christina and also Tarek argue over whether one ornate fireplace have to stay or be replaced with tile.

Season 9, episode 11 venomous to delightful

Christina and Tarek tackle a trash-filled home with a revolting pool and transform it right into a bright, modern home.

Season 9, illustration 12 my Jeans are Too Tight!

One rainy day plus brick floors equates to Tarek nearly doing a very painful split, however he still has actually his supervisor jacket.

Season 9, illustration 13 Spanish character

Tarek and also Christina modernize a 1930s Spanish residence while still keeping the personality by adding brand-new tile to the porch, opened up the cramped kitchen and also redoing the tiny guesthouse.

Season 9, illustration 14 Where"s Tarek?

Christina compares Tarek"s wardrobe choices to a popular publication character, but he"s proud that his look.

Season 9, illustration 15 Bright and Open Stunner

Check out exactly how Tarek and Christina upgrade a rundown house using glowing colors, open spaces and permitting tons of organic light to pour into every room.

Season 9, illustration 16 better Than Money

Tarek El Moussa can"t hide his amusement as soon as an extra-buggy backyard renders Christina Anstead squirm.

Season 9, episode 17 Reclaiming an are

Tarek and Christina provide a dated hodgepodge the a residence a sleek update with much more usable storage room and eye-catching accents.

Season 9, illustration 18 Hair noticeable

Tarek and Christina shave off an ext than simply their spending plan while working on this brand-new home flip.

Season 9, illustration 19 Room for readjust

Tarek and Christina provide a sprawling California mansion a modern-day update by tie the home"s shade scheme together and replacing the dated, dark wood.

Season 9, illustration 20 No Mansion Is one Island

Tarek make the efforts -- and fails -- to odor Christina indigenous their recently renovated kitchen"s lacking island.

Season 9, illustration 27 Treasure beneath the trash

Tarek and Christina flip a fully trashed house into a contemporary treasure with a beautifully tiled kitchen and rejuvenate bathroom.

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Season 9, episode 28 end the wall surface

Tarek and also Christina come up through a an imaginative plan to enable the buyers of their brand-new flip to have park access.