upper and lower reversal Or Flop: Tarek Wants brand-new Crew after Exposed Fight through Christina flip Or Flop star Tarek El Moussa is supposedly demanding a brand-new crew because that the Flipping 101 spin-off following his tirade against Christina Haack.

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Flip or Flop's Tarek El Moussa Confirms relationship with offering Sunset Star Heater Rae Young
Tarek El Moussa is accused demanding a new crew following the leak the his fight v ex-wife Christina Haack top top the collection of your HGTV series, Flip or Flop. The crux of the struggle stems indigenous the pair"s nasty divorce indigenous a few years ago. After more than eight year of marriage and also two kids together, the pair decided to record for divorce. Also though Tarek and also Christina were divorced and she relocated on with one more relationship, the duo continued to be co-hosts on your TV show.

Following your split, Christina Haack uncovered love again through Ant Anstead. The pair tied the node in December 2018, and they invited their very first child with each other in September 2019. However, their marital relationship did no last an extremely long. In September 2020, they announced your separation. Your divorce to be finalized in June 2021, and also both that them moved on to other relationships, v Ant newly revealing his relationship with Renee Zellweger. As for Tarek El Moussa, he"s been dating fiancée pagan Rae Young for 2 years.

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Now, a manufacturing insider told TMZ that Tarek and also his team are allegedly demanding number of crew members come be eliminated from his show, Flipping 101, following the leak that his fight with Christina. ~ the story to be shared, Tarek apparently went to the production company and inquiry that any kind of crew member who was functioning on the display that day be gotten rid of from the staff of the spin-off series. Tarek, that recently surprised his children with a puppy, is reportedly an extremely upset that his hit is now public knowledge. Now, he desires to avoid any kind of leaks in the future. The production agency that likewise produces Christina"s solo HGTV series, Christina on The Coast, has reportedly relocated some crew members approximately to accommodate Tarek"s request.

Flip or Flop HGTV Christine
In turn, a 2nd source revealed that this crew change was an attempt by Tarek to keep his wedding planning through fiancée heather under wraps. Tarek desires a team that is excited about his upcoming nuptials to Heather, fairly than a team that still has loyalties to Christina. Last month, Tarek reportedly went top top a verbal tirade versus Christina top top the set of Flip or Flop. What allegedly set Tarek off was when Christina, that is dating Joshua Hall, signaled come him that it was time come resume filming. She signaling resulted in him to blow up and allegedly call Christina "a washed-up loser." The reported fight led to production filming each co-host separately for a few days. However, several days later, Tarek and Christina have since begun filming with each other again.

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It shows up that Tarek believes the Christina"s production crew is behind the leak of your fight top top the set of Flip or Flop. Whatever the case may be, Tarek is no happy about the civilization knowing about the former couples screaming match on set. Hopefully, these two can work it the end for the sake of your family and business relationship.