Now in remission ~ a thyroid-cancer battle, the star that HGTV's "Flip or Flop" is thankful because that a nurse who suggested a biopsy.

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Tarek El Moussa likely expected pan feedback as a star that the HGTV reality series "Flip or Flop," however he never can have predicted among its 4 million viewers would certainly make a perhaps life-saving recommendation.


During a 2013 marathon the the TV display — i beg your pardon chronicles the renovation and also attempted sales of homes secured by Tarek and his wife, fellow real-estate certified dealer Christina — registered nurse Ryan Reade spotted a bump on Tarek"s neck and contacted the show"s producer to suggest he acquire it confirm out.

"I noticed the at certain angles, at specific times, the just recorded my eye that Tarek had a lump on his throat," Reade called, "and I believed it was something that necessary to be brought to his attention."

It did. Authorized Christina in thanking Reade, Tarek referred to as Reade"s an alert a "lightbulb moment," as he"d been having throat problems for 3 years. A hefty smoker, Tarek had dismissed the bump as just a fat mass, and also so had actually his medical professionals prior come Reade"s note.

"We seriously looked at every other and we"re like, "OK, it"s not something might be wrong; miscellaneous is wrong,"" Tarek said.

Biopsy outcomes revealed the lump and also smoker"s cough were symptoms of Stage-2 thyroid cancer.

" exciting thing about thyroid cancer is it most often shows up as just a bump in the neck," Dr. Michael Yeh, a UCLA associate professor the surgery, said "Oftentimes, blood occupational will be normal; the patient will feel fine. The mean person, by the time we obtain to them, probably had actually the cancer for a pair years."

Although Tarek stated he told his mam "we"re going to beat this thing," Christina recalled being fearful, especially due to the fact that they"d just had actually a baby, Taylor.

"I was just feeling totally overwhelmed about losing him, him having actually to go with treatments, our daughter," Christina said.

Within a month the the biopsy, Tarek had actually his thyroid and lymph nodes removed and began iodine radiation treatment, sapping his energy and resulting in migraines, however he and Christina continued to work.

"We make a decision no to sluggish down, no to stop," the said. "We"re gonna operation the business. We"re gonna fight through this cancer, "cause the 2nd you slow down is the second it gets scary and also you start acquiring depressed."

For the past year and also a half, Tarek has been in remission. He and also Christina room basking in parenthood, bonding with Taylor, who celebrated her 5th birthday this year, and — after 2 failed in-vitro do the efforts — raising Brayden, that turned 3 months old last week.

Welcoming Brayden come the human being was "a turning point in our life," Tarek said. Return they"ve ongoing to hold "Flip or Flop," whose new season premieres Dec. 3, Tarek has since scaled earlier on work-related days that often spanned 14 hours.

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Christina has actually noticed the change. "After we found around cancer, him and also my daughter obtained closer than they"ve ever before been," she said.