Tarek El Moussa, the star of HGTV"s Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa, launched his career as a realtor at age 21, earning huge bucks selling extravagant nature in California"s Orange County. As soon as the 2007 recession led to the real estate bubble to burst, he and also then-wife Christina Anstead turned come "flipping." the is, buying residences at foreclosure auctions, addressing them up, and also selling them in ~ a profit. Their exploits offered as the communication for HGTV"s Flip or Flop, which quickly became one the the network"s most successful series. 

After the Flip or Flop stars divorced, they continued to work-related together on their HGTV collection — even as Anstead introduced her very own series Christina on the Coast. El Moussa followed the same course with the February 2020 start of his own solo show, Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa, in which he mentors first-time flippers.

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"I"m sharing every lesson I"ve learned to aid novice flippers endure their jobs unscathed," said El Moussa in the announcement for the show. "I"m walk to display them how to take the worst of the worst and also make a mountain of money transforming their dwellings into the finest on the block." There"s much come learn around El Moussa"s very first solitary series, so you"ll want to read on.

What Tarek El Moussa loves most around mentoring rookies top top HGTV's Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa

Tarek El Moussa has actually been flipping homes for a long time, and also his an initial solo initiative for HGTV find him lending his hard-earned field of expertise to newbies. HGTV"s announcement for Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa promised some complicated projects in the show"s debut season, including one in i beg your pardon the renovation expenses threatened to soar therefore high the flip may actually lose money and another tackling a grungy dump who previous occupants were animal hoarders.

As El Moussa told USA Today, that relishes the opportunity to happen on his knowledge to those who desperately require it. "I"m really excited about the project since it takes everything I love — investing in actual estate and also TV — and also it"s every in one style where I obtain a chance to really help people out who are new to flipping houses," he explained.

One point that surprised him while filming Flipping 101 to be how plenty of of the aspiring flippers ignored his sage wisdom. "I"ll tell lock what come do, and literally half the time they don"t hear to me," he said, however admitted the rookies" self-inflicted damage "makes for an excellent TV."

When Tarek El Moussa spoke with SheKnows in July 2019, he had recently perfect shooting the pilot for the then-untitled series that would become HGTV"s Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa. Follow to the HGTV star, the layout of the show, in which the mentors wannabe flippers, is a herbal outgrowth of the mentorship duty he"s adopted throughout his life. 

"I love coaching," said El Moussa. "For me, the factor I"m successful is due to the fact that I began being coached at a very young age. I"m a substantial believer in having actually a coach, a mentor or having actually someone that inspires you and also someone the you can follow and believe in." Flipping 101, he explained, is the sort of present he"d constantly wanted to perform and, when the chance arose, the "jumped top top it." Added El Moussa: "Nothing sounds an ext exciting 보다 to take someone that"s new to real estate and flipping and also giving every little thing I have the right to to aid them do a profit."

While El Moussa provides it sound easy, the stakes space high because that the rookie flippers who have actually their very own money on the line. "There was definitely a many real stress going on," he admitted. 

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While Tarek El Moussa"s ex-wife Christina Anstead was remarried v a new baby within three years of your 2016 split, he"s been acquisition things much more slowly. In fact, the wasn"t till August 2019 that he revealed top top Instagram he was dating Heather Rae Young of Selling Sunset, the Netflix reality show following a group of Los Angeles realtors. 

Speaking with People, El Moussa admitted that after his divorce he had a hard time picturing self in a partnership again. "Physically, spiritually, mentally, i was therefore broken," he admitted. "I simply never really assumed I would open up up to someone again. I never thought I would be delicate again."

Yet he controlled to uncover love once more — and also he"s bringing it to the screen. In a romantic Instagram post featuring a picture of the pair snuggling on a bed, El Moussa revealed the Young will certainly be showing up in at least one episode of HGTV"s Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa. "For the first time ever, and also I filmed my new show together," he wrote. "We were both excited and nervous yet we had actually a blast!! She to be so cute ~ above camera ns couldn"t stop smiling!"

Tarek El Moussa was initially uncertain around the premise the HGTV's Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa


Flip or Flop adheres to a fairly specific format from episode to episode, as Tarek El Moussa and also ex-wife Christina Anstead purchase run-down houses, redesign and renovate them, and also then placed the new transformations on the market. HGTV"s Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa, however, shifts the layout to various other people"s flips, with El Moussa serving in one advisory capacity. In an interview with SheKnows, El Moussa admitted that at first he wasn"t encouraged the principle would administer enough drama to host viewers" attention. "Going right into this thing, i wasn"t too sure about it," he said. "I to be like, "Is the going come be as well boring?""

It to be while El Moussa filmed the pilot, however, that he realized boredom wasn"t walking to be a problem. "I"m telling this pair what come do and the following day I show up and also they didn"t hear to anything ns said since they thought they knew much better than me," he marveled. "I"m standing there like, "Is this for real?" ns was wait for Ashton Kutcher to come out and also punk me." if he to be admittedly "flabbergasted," he also realized "that"s what makes it a great show."

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Tarek El Moussa has actually been successfully flipping dwellings for more than a decade v his California-based company, Tarek El Moussa & Associates. He continues to execute his point on HGTV"s Flip or Flop and subsequently on Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa and remains on the continuous lookout because that budget-priced residences he have the right to flip. 

One that his websites, sellmyuglyhome.com, explains the the company won"t it is in listing the residence like a realtor, they"re in reality buying it from the homeowner. Due to the fact that the company pays sellers in cash, they"re "able come close quickly." In fact, El Moussa claims that he"s ready to buy houses in "any condition" if the price is right.

The vital benefit because that sellers, claims the site, is the speed of the transaction. When the agency receives every the compelled information around the property, one all-cash offer deserve to usually it is in made within 24 hours. Compared to the time it deserve to take to sell a home through a real-estate listing, this can be a motivating factor for someone looking to do a deal quickly.

With Tarek El Moussa busy with his very own show, HGTV"s Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa, and with ex-wife Christina Anstead concentrating on her own show, Christina ~ above the Coast on the very same network, fans of Flip or Flop could be excused for worrying around the fate that the former couple"s initial house-flipping show. However, the continuous success of Flip or Flop guarantees the exes will proceed working with each other on the present in addition to their miscellaneous other endeavors.

While there to be understandable concerns about Flip or Flop after the couple"s divorce, viewership actually thrived as curious viewers tuned in come witness the brand-new dynamic the ex-spouses functioning together. After 21.9 million viewers watched the eighth season, in December 2019 HGTV announced it to be picking the show up for a ninth.

"We"re simply taking that season through season," El Moussa told the New York Post of Flip or Flop. "Obviously the ratings are very strong and viewers favor it, so why not give what lock like? We"ve been doing this close come 10 year at this allude — and also shot well over 100 episodes — therefore we"ll keep riding this train till nobody wants to gain on it."

Tarek El Moussa has actually a wealth of expertise to send to the rookie house-flippers that mentors ~ above HGTV"s Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa and in breakthrough of the show"s premiere he mutual some the his favourite tips and also tricks through CNBC. One item of advice he highlighted is to stay on peak of industry conditions, with the finest time to flip a house being when supply is restricted and fewer residences are ~ above the market.

El Moussa also detailed the prominence of evolving in addition to the market; as conditions change, so have to a flipper"s strategy. Factors such as higher construction costs, increased competition as more flippers enter the market, and homeowners acquisition their properties off the sector while waiting for price to increase are amongst the countless considerations to examine.

Perhaps his most crucial tip is to keep an eye the end for bargains. "Flipping houses is flipping houses; there space deals in every city throughout this nation," he said, explaining that a successful flip can fund further flipping: "You have the right to refinance the asset, you have the right to borrow versus that asset, you deserve to buy much more assets."

The fame the accompanied the success of Flip or Flop has been something of a double-edged knife for Tarek El Moussa. If he"s absolutely enjoyed the perks of celebrity, he also experienced the downside when his divorce played the end under the harsh glare the the media spotlight. It"s for this reason, he told SheKnows, the he thought his solo HGTV series Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa would show a next of him that viewers hadn"t yet seen. 

"My an individual life has been opened up up favor nine million times, and a many the times it was opened up, it was an unfavorable things," he explained. "I was very excited to really present everyone what I"m every about, what mine life"s all about — the real me."

Despite his TV fame, El Moussa insisted he"s "just type of an daily guy; this is just how I to be ... I am an open up book and I think people will obtain an opportunity to sort of see exactly how I yes, really am exterior of Flip or Flop."

Launched in respectable 2019 as an digital companion series to Flip or FlopTarek"s flip Side gets intimate via brief episodes dedicated to different themes, together as how the star that HGTV"s Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa spends his totally free time v his children and what among his common days is like. The online series, listed HGTV, take away viewers "behind the scenes v Tarek El Moussa when the Flip or Flop cameras stop rolling," allowing the possibility to check out "what his life is like and also how he"s reinventing himself today."

Around the exact same time that Tarek"s flip Side debuted, El Moussa likewise launched his own podcast, Life by design with Tarek El Moussa. While Tarek"s flip Side got up close and also personal, the podcast was committed to entrepreneurship and achieving success, special an eclectic array of guests ranging from agree skateboarder-turned-entrepreneur Mikey Taylor to Ryan Serhant, star of Bravo"s Million dissension Listing new York.

The procedure of buying and flipping residences is far from a science. Together such, things can go considerably wrong in a heartbeat. That proved to be the case with among the nature featured in the an initial season of HGTV"s Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa when the home virtually burned to the ground while being renovated.

El Moussa made light of the house fire top top Instagram, special a photograph of self standing in the burnt shell of the residential property in question. "So what happens when your flip almost burns down," he composed in the caption. "Okay lol this isn"t among my properties. This is one of the flips from my new series, Flipping 101."

When things choose that happen during a house-flipping home renovation, it have the right to spell disaster — unless it"s being captured by TV cameras because that an HGTV reality series. Then, it"s TV gold! Not just is that details project chronicled in the first season of Flipping 101, HGTV even highlighted the catastrophe in its notice for the show, capitalizing top top the inherent drama that "a home that captures fire mid-reno."

Mentoring rookie home-flippers on HGTV"s Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa brought Tarek El Moussa face-to-face with first-timers, allowing him to shot to correct all the failure he observed them making. In an interview with SheKnows, El Moussa spotlighted the two biggest errors he"s observed rookie flippers make: "They pay too much for the house and also they don"t calculation all the costs involved on height of the construction."

Flipping 101, he explained come the New York Postallows him come share his understanding as one "expert" who reflects the rookies "why I"m make the decision I make."

The key message he wants to get across is the while the process of house-flipping have the right to be fun, "people forget that it"s likewise a business." that continued, saying, "You have to count every dollar and also every cent and time is everything." follow to El Moussa, each of the civilization he works with in Flipping 101 face your own distinct challenges, however he"s insistent that every one of them take the house-flipping procedure seriously. "One of the biggest lessons I shot to teach rookie flippers is that flipping houses isn"t a hobby," he added.

Tarek El Moussa"s excitement and enthusiasm about the debut the Flipping 101 came v in the plenty of interviews that gave promoting the show, yet he also admitted to some apprehension. "It"s mine business, mine career. I"d be lying if I said I wasn"t ," he told the New York Post. "How might I no be? It"s my first solo venture and if the civilization hates it then that"s no a an excellent thing."

However, El Moussa"s confidence far outweighed any type of "jitters" he was experiencing, informing the Post he was "very i was sure in my an abilities and my abilities and what I"m maybe to accomplish on TV."

While he expressed his satisfaction that HGTV"s Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa showcases "a much various version that me and also who i am together a person and as a businessman," at the finish of the work it"s all around the quality of what winds increase onscreen. "I"m an extremely confident world will like the show," he added, "not since of me but due to the fact that it"s a really good show."

While the success the Flip or Flop brought Tarek El Moussa a specific degree the fame, that celebrity changed to notoriety throughout his high-profile separation from ex-wife Christina Anstead. "Going through a windy divorce was the pure worst point in the world," El Moussa told USA Today, yet insisted that he"d grown to become more comfortable sharing his an individual life with the world. "Now I take on the fact that civilization know all about me," the explained.

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This brand-new philosophy to be on display screen when, after that and new girlfriend heather Rae Young to be photographed by paparazzi, he shared that paparazzi pic top top Instagram. "Normally I prefer our privacy yet when the paparazzi it s okay cute shots like this it provides me happy," he wrote in the caption. 

As El Moussa said Us Weekly (via MSN), this is an instance of one of the countless ways he"d grown to become a different person. "I"ve absolutely adjusted a lot," the star of HGTV"s Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa explained. "How ns think, exactly how I feel, mine mindset, my think on things. I"ve totally rebuilt myself and also it"s a very, very an excellent feeling."

Ahead that the premiere of HGTV"s Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa, Tarek El Moussa showed up on CNBC to talk about how global trade wars and increased tariffs were affecting the unified States genuine estate sector by driving increase the expenses of construction. This, he explained, was having a direct affect on his business, and, through extension, both of his HGTV shows. "Just because I"m spending much more money to fix up a home doesn"t mean I get to sell it for more," that explained. "That money is coming the end of my profit."

Speaking the profit, El Moussa claimed he looks for a common rate that return of between 10 and 12 percent per flip, which the tries to turn roughly within 4 months. "If I deserve to turn that a few times a year, that"s the goal," he said.

El Moussa revealed his agency has also been purchasing nature to rental out as he move his strategy to it is adapted to market changes. As residence prices rise, he explained, "it"s created a big demand for rental housing, and therefore investor are currently capitalizing in purchase rental properties. For this reason I"m a big believer in buying income-producing assets."