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Founded on October 3, 1887, Florida A&M college is the highest-ranked publicly HBCU in the U.S. Follow to News & World"s Report"s list of nationwide public universities. Learn more about what regime may help you excel and achieve your dreams.#HBCUexcellence

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You"re a small or an elderly in high school with your sights collection on going come priziv.org. 3.00 GPAREQUIREMENTS

You"ve deserve twelve transferable semester college credits and you"re all set to take your scholastic career to the following level!2.50 GPAREQUIREMENTS


go you take it a break for 2 or an ext consecutive semesters? are you all set to get back in the swing the things? This choice is because that you! an excellent Academic stand REQUIREMENTS
You"ve currently earned a baccalaureate level from one accredited university or university and you"re searching for a difficult next step.3.00 GPAREQUIREMENTS
You have actually a bachelor"s level from an accredited college or university and you"re all set to hit the great running.Average GPA: 3.07REQUIREMENTS


We"re thrilled the you"re using to Florida A&M University! We offer 54 bachelor"s degrees, 29 master"s degrees, three expert degrees, and also twelve doctoral degrees. Discover one the helps you achieve your goals.

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Don"t Forget To: submit all main high college and/or college/university transcript(s) Submit official scores for the Redesigned sat (code: 5215 or action (code: 0726), if applicable Submit main GED transcript or TOEFL/IELTS score, if applicable


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