Covid-19 is serious cramping the style of beachgoers in The Sunshine State. And also for now, the seems favor the best method forward.

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Updated 11 a.m., April 20–BF

Fun in the sun and spring break go hand in hand—and there’s nowhere far better in the whole USA for this standard slice of Americana than Florida beaches. Indigenous the westernmost suggest on the Panhandle (Flora Bama y’all!), to the Southernmost reminder of the Keys, plenty of travelers feel favor this is a rite of passage—a heavy sayonara come winter.


Ormond beach in Volusia county (©Brooke Fehr)

But with the spread of COVID-19 a reality, now is the moment to hit pause on those plans. Throughout Florida, counties and also municipalities space opting come close hotels in tourist-favored areas to discourage visitation, and are also taking the included extra action to near the beaches themselves. So before you hop in the auto to obtain your sheep of Vitamin Sea, examine out our list of the beaches below, grouped by an ar and starting with the beaches closest come Orlando.

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Northern East coastline Florida Beaches

Duval ar (Jacksonville Beaches): as of April 18, beaches are restricted, and are open 6-11 a.m. And also 5-8 p.m., because that exercise tasks only. Over there is no sunbathing permitted, and towels, chairs and also coolers room prohibited.Flagler ar (Flagler Beach, Palm Coast, Marineland): Closed as of 3/22Nassau county (Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island): Closed together of 3/22St. Johns county (Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Augustine): as of April 18, beaches are restricted, open up 6 a.m to noon, for exercise activities only. No sunbathing or sit allowed, and restricted items encompass “blankets, chairs, coolers, umbrellas, tents and any item the promotes a stationary presence.”

Central East coast Florida Beaches

Brevard county (Cocoa Beach): Beachside parking is closed, but beaches remain open with observation of social distancing measures. Visitors may engage in activities such as walking, jogging, biking, fishing, surfing and also swimming, yet no sunbathing or sit in chairs is permitted.Volusia county (Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, brand-new Smyrna Beach): every vehicular access ramps are now closed until additional notice. County off-beach parking continues to be open. Beaches space officially closed, but rules have actually been calm in the complying with manner: “Exceptions to the closure room in ar for the activities of walking, jogging, biking, fishing, surfing and swimming. Activities such together sunbathing, sitting in chairs, arranged sports or lie on blankets and grouping of civilization on the beach stays prohibited.”

Daytona beach in Volusia county (©Brooke Fehr)

Central West shore Florida Beaches

Hillsborough county (Ben T. Davis Beach): Closed together of 3/19 and also will stay closed until more notice; county is under a “Safer at Home” advisory together of Friday, 3/27 in ~ 10 a.m., i beg your pardon restricts all motion throughout the county the is not reputed essential, through no end date at upgrade time (3/27, 11:46 a.m.)Pinellas ar (Clearwater): Closed

Panhandle Beaches

Bay county (Panama City Beaches): Closed start 3/20 at the very least through 4/24Okaloosa ar (Fort Walton Beach, Destin Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Henderson beach State Park, Gulf Islands nationwide Seashore): Closed together of 3/20 v 4/30Walton county (Seaside, Sandestin, Grayton): Beaches closed because that 30 days effective 3/19

Bahia Honda in Monroe county (©Brooke Fehr)

Southeast Florida Beaches

Broward, Miami-Dade and also Palm beach Counties (Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami Beach, Palm Beach, southern Beach): all Broward and also Miami-Dade beaches closeup of the door by bespeak of branch Ron DeSantisMonroe ar (All that the Florida Keys): Lodging is closed come all leisure visitors until more notice; the Monroe ar Sheriff’s office implemented southbound web traffic stops restricting road accessibility to non-residents beginning 3/27

Captiva in Lee county (©Brooke Fehr)

Southwest Florida Beaches

Collier county (Naples, Marco Island): every beaches closed as of sunset 3/19 and will be closed until further noticeLee county (Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel, Captiva; south Seas Island will Beaches stay open, as perform some various other private beaches) every public beaches space closed for 30 days beginning 3/20

This is a arising story. We will proceed to update this story together closures change.