Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis put on his mask together he leaves a news conference in ~ Jackson Memorial Hospital, Monday, July 13, 2020, in Miami. (AP Images)


• one anonymous official told the Miami Herald the the Biden administration was considering residential travel limitations on says where the UK COVID-19 variant is surging, including Florida. However, it’s unsure so far what particular domestic travel regulations the administration is weighing and also how they would be implemented.

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• nobody has argued closing Florida’s border. It’s no clear if a president has the government to shut under a state border.

• DeSantis previously put travel constraints on people flying to Florida from brand-new York. ​

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent out a fundraising plea attacking the Biden management for considering residential travel limitations in an initiative to curb the spread of a highly transmittable COVID-19 variant. 

President Joe Biden "is trying to shut FL’s border," DeSantis texted potential donors. In an accompanying email, DeSantis said: "Joe Biden is considering treating Florida like eastern Berlin and also shutting under our border over ‘coronavirus concerns.’"

Is the so?

We found no indication of anything therefore dramatic.

We reached out come DeSantis’s office and also asked wherein they had gotten the information that the Biden administration was planning come shut down the Florida border. Cody McCloud, a DeSantis spokesperson, did no answer our concerns directly and instead referred united state to a Twitter video clip posted come the governor’s account. What he claims in the video clip is far less sweeping than what he claimed in the fundraising email.

DeSantis’ fundraising message followed a front-page short article in the Miami Herald top top Feb. 10. The story quoted an anonymous federal government official saying that the Biden administration was considering new domestic travel constraints for regions impacted by the highly transmittable U.K. Stress, overload of the coronavirus. Data native the Centers for disease Control and also Prevention show that Florida right now has a third of the nation’s instances of the U.K. COVID-19 variant. 

But according to the Herald, the White House has actually not claimed that the is considering a Florida travel ban.

It’s unsure so far what particular domestic travel regulations the administration is weighing and also how they would certainly be implemented. The administration has no publicly discussed a border shutdown together an option.

One feasible restriction could be to need travelers to show an unfavorable COVID-19 test results prior to they take domestic flights.

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During a Feb. 7 interview, transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg said that the Biden management was considering this idea. Together a need would not use to Florida in particular, however to the U.S. An ext broadly.