Florida legislature happen a law in 2018 to execute away v Daylight Saving clock alters twice a year and also stay permanently ~ above Daylight Saving Time this year. Daylight Saving is the time as soon as it remains lighter later, which practically every Floridian loves. To have that extra hour of sunshine makes all the difference for those who want to invest some time out after work-related or have actually time for activities with their youngsters or pets. Florida lawmakers i agree by an overwhelming majority. 

The Sunshine protection Act (Florida)

The Sunshine protection Act to be proposed in two bills in the Florida state legislature. House of to represent HB1013 and also Senate State invoice 858, i beg your pardon was approved by the Florida Senate community Affairs Committee in January 2018 by a poll of 6-0. The Senate bill consisted of merging the panhandle into a single timezone v the rest of Florida. In March, the invoice was pass by the Florida Senate and signed by Florida’s Governor, rick Scott, to adjust the law effective July 1, 2018, keeping Florida in Daylight savings time permanently.

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This means, no much more time changes for Floridians! No an ext setting ours clocks earlier an hour every fall. And all the Florida moves right into the exact same Time zone (half the the panhandle is at this time on a various timezone). But don"t gain too excited just yet. Us still have actually to readjust our clocks this November.

Why room we changing our clocks if the legislation was approved by the Florida Legislature?

Even though the legislation was pass by every one of the Florida lawmakers, that still needs to obtain congressional approval prior to it i do not care law. Federal regulation prohibits a state from an altering time area without a state passed by conference or the secretary of transport issuing regulations.

States are enabled to opt out of observing daylight saving time and also remain on typical time without Congressional approval. Which is why states favor Hawaii and also Arizona execute not change their time. They room actually remaining on typical time. 

Florida, like plenty of other states, are trying to adjust their standard time and also stay permanently on Daylight save time, which would change the time zone. And due to the fact that it requires Congress come amend the Uniform Time Act to enable the change, we need to wait.



So What happens Now?

Florida wants to perform away with the time readjust twice a year and put all of Florida in the same Time Zone. And also the bill was happen by our lawmakers. But let’s not get ahead the ourselves.

The possibilities of Florida being approved alone to continue to be on daylight saving time are slim. Various other states have actually tried in the past and failed, including California. Yet California is not offering up, in addition to dozens of other states that are starting the conversation to stop the time change. Florida and also California, that passed state legislation in 2018, have actually been join by 12 an ext states. Law was passed for year-round DST in 2019 in Arkansas, Delaware, Maine, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington and also in 2020 Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, southern Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming. 

It is a movement that is not only farming in the U.S., but in other countries as well. The EU has currently put the law in motion allowing their member countries to choose whether to take on permanent Daylight savings and also other countries are considering changes.


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The Sunshine protection Act (Nationwide)

Because it will be complex for Florida to it is in the just state in the eastern U.S. The doesn’t collection it’s clocks back, Senator Marco Rubio placed in a second request to congress seeking congressional approval for a nationwide law to store Daylight Saving permanent and do away with switching our clocks twice a year. 

If Florida to be to get authorized on it"s own, many other says will monitor which will certainly make the time zones crazy during the half of the year as soon as some says are still setting their clocks back.

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It makes an ext sense because that the whole country to hold together on this issue and move front by act away v this antiquated law that renders us change our clocks double a year. 

Let’s make Daylight Saving Time our only time and keep the extra hour that sunshine in the evenings permanently.