Nashville, Tenn. (March 7, 2017) – because that the first time in your red-hot career, superstar country duo FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE will headline their own stadium concert in 2017 – and they’re including pop idols BACKSTREET BOYS come the bill.

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As part of THE SMOOTH tourism 2017’s exhilarating crossover lineup v the Diamond-selling, Grammy Award-winning hip-hop icon NELLY and breakout country star CHRIS LANE, BACKSTREET guys will sign up with FGL for three of the many buzzworthy must-see reflects this summer, following at Boston’s Fenway Park on July 7, Minneapolis’ Target ar on July 29, and Chicago’s Wrigley ar on august 12.

The genre-defining boy band is featured ~ above FGL’s tender brand-new single “God, her Mama, and also Me,” at this time making its means up the country radio airplay charts as the 3rd release native the duo’s chart-topping BMLG Records’ album, destruction YOUR ROOTS, i beg your pardon has already produced back-to-back #1s through “H.O.L.Y.” and “May we All” (featuring Tim McGraw). The “God, your Mama, and also Me” music video – finish with candid clip of each group member’s real-life love story – is accessible now.

News the the electrifying brand-new stadium dates was revealed this day (3/7) ~ above ABC’s great Morning America and included a ticket giveaway because that the first round of lucky fans. Fans nationwide can enter for a chance to win a pilgrimage to their an option of among the three stadium stops, courtesy that proud tour sponsor development Auto Parts, a leading automotive aftermarket components provider in north America the serves both expert installer and also do-it-yourself customers.

Sponsored by development Auto Parts and presented by Old Camp Whiskey, THE SMOOTH tour 2017 kicks off June 2 in Austin, Texas. Live country is the official promoter of the tour and details top top ticket sales because that the brand-new stadium reflects will it is in revealed soon.

Meanwhile, FGL’s 2017 dig YOUR ROOTS tourism is top top the road now through may 6, featuring Dustin Lynch and also Chris Lane, plus Seth Ennis, Ryan Follese and Morgan Wallen on choose dates. Crisscrossing phibìc America with offered out stop from las Vegas, Nevada, to Quebec, Canada, and also everywhere in between, the destruction YOUR ROOTS tour has currently garnered rave reviews from a wide range of press outlets:

“Just in instance you’ve forgotten, Florida Georgia Line is among the hottest nation acts alive.”

– MusicRow Magazine

“For a great time, contact Florida Georgia Line.” – The Des Moines Register

“… Hubbard and also Kelley left no doubt as to why they are the majesties of country music.”

– The Buffalo News

“… the duo’s energy and charisma extended to the venue’s farthest points.” – The Tennessean

“Florida Georgia doubles the fun.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Tyler and also BK made certain the offered out crowd had an i can not forget night, and they succeeded.” – iHeartRADIO

FGL has earned 5 nominations at the upcoming 52nd ACM Awards – entertainer of the Year, Album that the Year (DIG her ROOTS), solitary of the Year (“H.O.L.Y.”), Vocal Duo of the Year and also Vocal event of the Year (“May we All” featuring Tim McGraw). Following for the very first time in las Vegas’ new T-Mobile Arena, the star-studded event will air live April 2 ~ above CBS in ~ 8 p.m. ET. The duo has actually previously won 6 ACM Awards.

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