"We really reap our life and also being without children right now," says Brittney Kelley, that married Florida Georgia Line"s Brian Kelley in December 2013



The mam of Florida Georgia line singer Brian Kelley answered fan inquiries on her Instagram Story Thursday, including one inquiry questioning whether she desires to have children one day. She responded the they do, if it's in "God's plan" for them.

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"If it's in God's setup we do! I've been turn off birth manage for end 5 years and also we are absolutely practicing however not actively 'trying.' not everyone is simply able to acquire pregnant the easily!" write Brittney.

"I've been acquiring this question since the job we got married 8 years ago which shouldn't be the case. Us shouldn't push women into answering because honestly that REALLY KNOWS various other than God?" she said. "We feel at peace if children aren't in the plan for us!"

"We REALLY reap our life & being without children right now! It's really releasing & funny being one adult & doing every little thing you want in this chapter!" finish Brittney, that tied the knot through Brian, 35, in Nashville ago in December 2013.

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Brian said in September 2019, follow to nation 103.7, the having youngsters was likely "in the cards" because that them one day.

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"It's absolutely in the cards at part point, ns think it simply comes down to when the great Lord is gonna do it happen, kinda, whenever the timing's right," he claimed at the time. "I don't think it's something that we desire to force. Me and also Tyler to be talking about it the other day and just that totality process, and I think we all skinny toward an ext natural, friend know, not forcing it and just type of wait on God's timing."

Brittney likewise shared in she Instagram Q&A exactly how they keep their personal life as a pair while in the spotlight.

"I don't feel like my totality life is 'public' - because that the most part we gain to what we share publicly. Thankfully we aren't captured up in the 'Hollywood' of it all," she explained. "For the most component we try to put ourselves in positions to live a somewhat normal life off the road once not touring. We really enjoy just life's an easy joys - coffee, bikes, beach, dogs, family, friends, fishing etc."

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