Florida Georgia line performs in ~ Nissan stadium on Thursday, June 6 during the 2019 CMA Music Festival in downtown Nashville. Photograph courtesy that CMA

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Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley the Florida Georgia Line have been entertain fans and shattering records since they to explode on the county music scene through their debut single “Cruise” in 2012. Through their distinct sound, the duo has managed to have a far-ranging influence ~ above the society and direction of nation music transparent the years, every while earning us a substantial fan base and also many accolades in the process. They themselves have likewise undergone an evolution in both their music and their personal lives, walk from single guys to sing good-time tunes, to married men (and Hubbard becoming a father) to sing deeper songs around life and love. Throughout all of it, country music fans have actually been ideal there together with them top top the ride. Right here are the height 10+ Florida Georgia heat songs from the previous eight years.

(Arranged chronologically)

While Florida Georgia Line has had significant hits transparent the years, naught compares to your very first song the end of the gate. Once they debuted with “Cruise” in 2012, country radio was buzzing about this new duo pass a brand new sound and also style to nation music. Through its addicting melody, “Cruise” ended up being an instant hit and shattered multiple records, spending 3 weeks atop the country Airplay chart and also a chuck 24 weeks at the optimal of the Hot country Songs chart. In 2016, “Cruise” ended up being the only nation song in history to be certified Diamond by the RIAA, and also as that December 2018, it to be certified 11x Platinum. It has additionally sold an ext than 7 million duplicates to date.

2. “Get her Shine On” — from Here’s to the good Times

Florida Georgia Line followed up their extremely successful debut single with an additional radio-ready tune, “Get your Shine On,” in 2013. This solitary continued to develop the duo as the summer hitmakers castle were easily becoming. The song was likewise indicative that the party song culture that was prevalent at the time, with references to girls and also alcohol, set to yet another addictive melody with just the starts of a pop-influenced beat. “Get her Shine On” struggle the peak of the charts in might 2013, and together with its follower “Round Here,” came to be one the 2013’s hit summer songs.

3. “This Is just how We Roll” — from Here’s come the great Times… This Is how We role

To pave up their debut album cycle, Florida Georgia line released “This Is how We Roll,” a track released through the deluxe variation of their Here’s come the an excellent Times album. This single continued the good-time nation theme of your previous singles with references to trucks and also drinking, but this time through the added voice of developed superstar Luke Bryan. “This Is just how We Roll” was Florida Georgia Line’s 5th consecutive hit, topping the Hot nation Songs graph in march 2014 and also staying there for four weeks.

4. “Dirt” — indigenous Anything walk

In July 2014, Florida Georgia line kicked off your upcoming Anything go album through lead single “Dirt,” which was a little bit of a leave from your previous feel-good singles. The track is a much more heartfelt tune that find the duo singing around the “Dirt” the one grows up ~ above in their hometown where so numerous important life memories room made. The track is nostalgic that hometown memory while likewise pledging to never ever leave that spiritual place. “Makes you desire to build a 10 percent down, white picket fence home on the dirt,” they sing the chorus. “Dirt” to be a successful lead in to your sophomore album, topping both the nation Airplay and also Hot nation Songs charts and also selling more than 1.2 million copies.

5. “H.O.L.Y.” — indigenous Dig your Roots

Two years after publication “Dirt,” Florida Georgia heat released “H.O.L.Y,” an additional heartfelt track that pushed their career forward. “H.O.L.Y.” represents “high on love you,” a expression the duo sings in the chorus. By the time this song came out, both tape members were married, and the tune definitely reflects the changes they witnessed in their an individual lives. The duo also released a memorable music video clip directed through TK McKamy that featured both of their wives. “H.O.L.Y.” carried the duo ago up come 1 million solitary sales. The song likewise spent 18 main atop the Hot nation Songs chart and also was certified 5x Platinum by the RIAA.

6. “May us All” — native Dig your Roots

For their 2nd single from their Dig her Roots album, Florida Georgia solicited the aid of nation legend Tim McGraw for “May us All.” In the song, FGL and also McGraw take a nostalgic look at at every the wonderful moment one might experience transparent life, such as farming up in a “red, white and also blue tiny town” and also experiencing that “15 minutes of fame.” Those lyrics about growing up and coming of age are an unified with acoustic-learning instrumentation that only compounds the emotion of nostalgia. The song was a success, topping the nation Airplay chart in December 2016.

7. “God, your Mama, and Me” — native Dig your Roots

Florida Georgia Line continued their cooperation trend through “God, your Mama, and Me,” featuring the Backstreet Boys, which was released in January 2017. The song functions harmonies native the guys as castle sing about their wives, assuring them that they’ll never ever leave. FGL, the Backstreet Boys, and all your wives additionally appeared in the music video, in i beg your pardon each male does something sweet because that his partner. The tune took the optimal spot ~ above the nation Airplay chart and landed in ~ number 30 top top the hot 100 chart, noting the an initial time the Backstreet guys made an illustration on the chart due to the fact that 2007.

8. “Meant come Be” — from Bebe Rexha’s Expectations

Although Florida Georgia Line to be the featured artist top top “Meant to Be,” which appears on popular music singer Bebe Rexha’s Expectation album, it’s daunting to think of the duo’s discography without mentioning this enormous hit. Initially released to optimal 40 radio in October 2017, the solitary finds FGL and also Rexha trading present on a catchy, pop-influenced love song. The solitary became a crossover hit, topping an international charts, consisting of the united state Adult top 40, the US country Airplay, and the united state Hot country Songs (50 weeks). The was additionally certified 9x Platinum by the RIAA and also has sold much more than 1.4 million duplicates as of march 2019.

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9. “Up Down” — from Morgan Wallen’s If I know Me

As if Florida Georgia heat fans didn’t have sufficient hit song to choose from in 2017, the duo was likewise featured ~ above Morgan Wallen’s single, “Up Down,” a feel-good tune around a work on the lake and a night complete of partying. The song offered as Wallen’s second single and appears ~ above his debut album, If I recognize Me. The music video clip features Wallen, FGL and also co-writer Michael Hardy, that live the end the carefree day described in the song. The tune was a success because that both acts, topping the nation Airplay chart and also earning double Platinum status.

10. “I Love my Country” — indigenous 6-Pack

After eight year of releasing music, the guys of Florida GeorgiaLine still have actually their noses come the grindstone and are still releasing bonafidecountry hits. That continuing to be power is identified in their most recent single,“I Love my Country,” which was released in February 2020 and is currentlyclimbing the charts. This tune is a return to FGL’s repertoire of good-timeanthems, together they praise whatever they love around the country life: countrymusic, fishing, BBQs, and also more. The tune echos the emotion of their an extremely firstsingle “Cruise,” but also shows the evolution and also growth that has occurredbetween then and also now.