Are friend lost and looking because that an out-of-the-ordinary nation music fix? simply follow the path paved by the Florida Georgia Line together they come cruisin' come a venue near you. Among their many anticipated stops will be at the Jiffy Lube Live top top Saturday 23rd October 2021. This country music duo is currently gaining renowned attention particularly from a burgeoning crown that youngsters that dig their "bro-country" sound — a quirky and also amusing blend of nation with elements from rock and hip-hop music. Florida Georgia Line's i LOVE MY country TOUR 2021 is getting a lotta love from your fans who are currently rabid to get their hands on ticket to the show. The 'Get Tickets' link on this website is a quick and easy means to lock in those tickets. Hurry, book your tickets now!

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Nashville, Tennessee , the home and also heart of nation music has found two that its long lost sons every the means from Florida and Georgia. Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are originally from Monroe, Georgia, and Ormond Beach, Florida, respectively. Destiny has lugged them with each other as they obtained together together a country music duo and also name us Florida Georgia Line. They started out as a started as a covering band. They emerged their style and also evolved through a sound that takes facets from rock and hip-hop music, stitching itself to strains of nation music. The result sound deserve to be heard on your 2012 debut solitary "Cruise". This single was a advertising mammoth the broke new ground on the nation music frontier. The has damaged two significant sales records — garnering over seven million downloads, making the the first country song ever to obtain the Diamond certification. It was additionally ranked as one of the best-selling digital nation songs, continuing to be at number one because that a chuck 24 weeks in ~ the charts. Florida Georgia line has likewise unlocked a pioneering sound dubbed as "bro-country", claimed to be a combination with 'hick-hop' sounds and also tends come cover topic matters such together partying, drinking, control trucks and also sexual attraction.

The electrifying presence and impassioned energy of Florida Georgia line is best and most apparent on the live stage. “Touring is back, y’all! This is the longest we’ve unable to do without being on the road, and we’ve been counting down the days until we can finally say – we’re walking on tour! say thanks to you to our pan for every one of your assistance with our new music over the previous year, us truly can’t wait to carry these melody to the stage,” shares FGL’s Tyler Hubbard and also Brian Kelley. “We’re excited to view your faces, feel the energy, and bring some great vibes to your city this fall. Let’s make some brand-new memories!”

And with that spirited invitation from Florida Georgia Line, you'd certainly would not desire to happen up on together an tremendous concert experience. Go, acquire your ticket now!

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