Winners and also losers of college basketball"s transport seasonThe dust has largely worked out on the transfer activity front, and some new national title contenders have emerged.

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North Alabama defeat Florida Gulf coast 96-81— Payton Youngblood scored a career-high 26 points as North Alabama beat Florida Gulf shore 96-81 in the Atlantic sunlight Conference Tourney semifinals ~ above Friday night. Mervin James included 20 points because that the Lions.


Largie leads Florida Gulf coast past Lipscomb 72-60— Cyrus Largie had 19 points as Florida Gulf shore got previous Lipscomb 72-60 in the quarterfinals the the Atlantic sunlight Conference tournament on Thursday night.


Burden elevator Kennesaw State previous Florida Gulf shore 80-63— Terrell Burden had actually a season-high 20 points as Kennesaw State beat Florida Gulf shore 80-63 on Friday night.


Warren leads Florida Gulf coastline over north Alabama 69-60— Jalen Warren had actually a career-high 28 points on 6-for-9 shooting from 3-point range and Florida Gulf shore defeated north Alabama 69-60 top top Saturday night.


Warren leader Florida Gulf coastline past north Alabama 86-60— Jalen Warren had 16 points to lead 5 Florida Gulf coast players in dual figures together the Eagles romped past North Alabama 86-60 top top Friday night. Eli Abaev added 14 points because that the Eagles. Cyrus Largie chipped in 12, Dom London scored 12 and Caleb...

Perry dead Stetson over Florida Gulf coast 77-66— rob Perry had a season-high 30 points as Stetson beat Florida Gulf coastline 77-66 ~ above Saturday night.

Warren lifts Florida Gulf shore past Stetson 64-63— Jalen Warren had 12 points together Florida Gulf coastline edged previous Stetson 64-63 on Friday night.

Hazen leads Lipscomb previous Florida Gulf coastline 71-56— Parker Hazen had actually a career-high 20 points as Lipscomb beat Florida Gulf coast 71-56 ~ above Saturday night.

Largie elevator Florida Gulf shore over Lipscomb 79-69— Cyrus Largie had actually a career-high 22 points together Florida Gulf coast beat Lipscomb 79-69 top top Friday night.

Claycomb elevator Bellarmine past Florida Gulf shore 80-63— Ethan Claycomb had 17 points come lead 5 Bellarmine players in twin figures together the Knights gained past Florida Gulf coastline 80-63 on Saturday night.

Bellarmine tops Florida Gulf shore 74-60— CJ Fleming posted 19 points and also six rebounds and Ethan Claycomb had actually 15 points as Bellarmine topped Florida Gulf coast 74-60 ~ above Friday night.

Catto leader Florida Gulf coast over Georgia southerly 73-60— Caleb Catto registered 19 points as Florida Gulf coast topped Georgia southerly 73-60 ~ above Tuesday night.

Florida Gulf coast routs Webber global 112-39— Dom London had actually 22 points as Florida Gulf coastline easily defeated Webber global 112-39 top top Friday night.

Daye, Jr. Leads FIU over Florida Gulf coastline 85-69— Antonio Daye, Jr. Had actually 23 points together Florida International defeated Florida Gulf shore 85-69 on Wednesday night.

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Catto, Rivers help FGCU upset injury-plagued Miami 66-62— Caleb Catto scored 18 points, Dakota Rivers 15 and each hit crucial baskets as Florida Gulf coastline upset injury-plagued Miami 66-62 on Saturday.