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Shore-based shark fishing permit/educational ingredient now accessible online; compelled by July 1

Planning to fish for sharks soon? brand-new shark fishing demands go into result July 1, consisting of a mandatory, no-cost, annual Shore-based Shark Fishing Permit and also educational course for shore-based anglers and also other requirements that use to every shark fishing and fishing native the beach in general.

The Shore-based Shark-Smart Fishing educational course and Shore-based Shark Fishing Permit room now obtainable online. To take the education course, which should be completed before getting the permit, visit

The allow is required for all shore-based shark anglers age 16 and older, consisting of those 65 and older who are normally exempt native needing a fishing license.

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Those under 16 are required to take the educational course uneven they room fishing v an adult who already holds the permit. Persons under 16 room not required to get the permit.

The education and permit requirements likewise apply if you arrangement to fish indigenous shore for any varieties of fish and also will be:

Fishing v a metal leader more than 4 feet long. Using a fighting belt/harness. Deploying bait by any way other than spreading (kayaking because that example) while making use of a hook the is 1.5 inch or larger at its widest within distance.

See listed below for much more on just how to take it the education course and receive her permit.

Other regulation changes

Several other rule changes go into impact July 1, including: 

Prohibiting chumming as soon as fishing for any varieties from the beach. Requiring prompt release of prohibited shark varieties when fishing from the shore and requiring anglers to cut the leader or hook to protect against delaying relax of prohibited species. Requiring the prohibited shark species remain in the water (when fishing from coast or native a vessel). Requiring the usage of non-offset, non-stainless-steel one hooks come target or harvest sharks once using live or dead natural bait (when fishing from shore and also from a vessel). Request the possession/use the a maker capable of easily cutting the leader or hook when targeting sharks (when fishing from coast or a vessel).

These rules room intended to rise survival of released sharks, boost information-gathering from the fishery and address public security concerns. 

For more, visit and also click ~ above “Recreational Regulations” and “Sharks.” 

Shore-based Shark-Smart Educational food Instructions 

walk to If you do not currently have a user profile, you will need to develop a brand-new account by offering your first and last name, email deal with and login credentials. After logging in or developing your account, select “Shore-based Shark-Smart Fishing” indigenous the perform of courses. View all four educational modules. Take the 10-question quiz and also pass with 100% correct. Receive Certificate of perfect with unique identification code.

Getting your Shore-based Shark Fishing Permit

If you room under 16, save your Certificate that Completion with you to fish for sharks from shore without who who currently has the shark fishing permit. Click “Purchase a License.” Navigate come the Shore-based Shark Fishing allow (Unless exempt, a precious saltwater fishing license is forced to get this permit.) Click “Add to Cart.” once prompted, kind in the distinctive identification code from your Certificate that Completion. Complete the process of obtaining this no-cost allow by confirming the selection. Publish a copy of the permit to carry with girlfriend or keep your permit on the Fish|Hunt FL cell phone app.

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