Reports the a man turned himself in to police for killing his make-believe companion room fake news.

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Published13 might 2015

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On 12 might 2015, the entertainment web site released an short article reporting that a male named Geoff Gaylord had actually turned self in to police because that killing his imaginary friend, Mr. Happy:

Geoff Gaylord, 37, entered the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office earlier today and also turned himself in for killing his imaginary girlfriend — Mr. Happy. Gaylord told police officers he had stabbed Mr. Happy continuously with a kitchen knife, reduced up the body v a hatchet and buried the victim in his backyard.Gaylord stated he killed his imaginary friend of 7 years for multiple reasons — one, because that being messy.

“His room to be a mess all the time with his toys and also dolls,” Gaylord called police. “He left his north vodka bottles everywhere the kitchen… never picked increase his empty cocaine baggies and also left the toilet chair down when he peed. He messed up mine apartment come the allude where I just couldn’t get it clean. Prior to Hap began doing drugs and also acting weird he was my BFF (best friend forever). We’d go dancing, pat on the children park equipment, both huge fans that doom steel — listened come it for hours with the lamp turned off.”


The story (whiched played on the saga of the ubiquitous and hapless “Florida Man“) fooled thousands of readers together it spread across social media, and also at the very least two web sites, the Inquisitr and also Mandatory, republished it as if that were real news.

But there to be no fact to the story. Although does not especially state that it is one entertainment web site, it uses several hints indicating the the website is just an additional purveyor the fake news.

First, the writer of this post is listed as “Moron.” Second, the net site has actually previously released fake news stories, such together a yarn around a pair selling golden tickets come heaven, or this story about child love dolls. Lastly, the photograph had with the short article did not show a man named Geoff Gaylord that murdered his imaginary friend, yet rather a male named Billy Southern, who was contained in WTSP-TV’s gallery of “crying mugshots” in 2011.

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Although this story was still provided as a genuine news story ~ above the Inquisitr together of 13 may 2015, Mandatory added a disclaimer come their version stating:

Editor’s Note: So apparently this story originates from a phony site. Five well. Even the smartest human being in the civilization (read: obligated editors) get fooled every now and also then. Enjoy the story anyway.