A an extremely teary Geoff Gaylord after he turned himself into police ~ admitting murdering his imarginary friend. Photo: Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office
A guy turned himself right into police and also demanded they give him the fatality penalty after that admitted murdering his imaginary friend Mr Happy.

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Seen below in tears Geoff Gaylord, 37, native Florida, told officers he had actually stabbed grandfather Happy to death with a knife, cut up the body through a hatchet and also buried the victim in his backyard.

Jacksonville policemans took a drunk Gaylord right into custody and also obtained a search warrant becpriziv.orgse that his house.

Gaylord said among the reasons he eliminated Mr Happy was since he to be messy.

He also told officers: “His room was a mess all the moment with his toys and dolls.

“He left his north vodka bottles almost everywhere the kitchen… never picked increase his north cocaine baggies and also left the toilet seat down once he peed. That messed up my apartment to the allude where I just couldn’t acquire it clean.

“Before Hap started doing drugs and also acting weird he was my BFF (best girlfriend forever).

“We’d go dancing, play on the children park equipment, both substantial fans the doom steel – listened to it for hours with the lights turned off,” reports Inquisitr.

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Police uncovered drug paraphernalia and a machine gun in ~ Gaylord’s home and he to be charged with multiple offences.

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