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A Florida woman that allegedly could not gain sex indigenous her boyfriend turned a tongue on him. Jennifer Lee Chapman, 37, of Dunedin — a suburb that Tampa — was arrested Wednesday top top felony aggravated battery charges.

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When the live-in boyfriend stated he to be too worn down for sex, Chapman allegedly ordered a serrated kitchen knife and also cut her very own arm.

Police to speak the friend tried to prevent Chapman, causing a physics confrontation in between the couple. Both fight the floor during their struggle, follow to the complaint filed by the Pinellas ar Sheriff"s Office. The report claims that once the two briefly separated on the floor, Chapman grabbed the knife and also cut her boyfriend multiple time in his arm and also shoulder.

The report further alleges that Chapman head-butted her boyfriend and also punched hm in the face. The victim to be bleeding native stab wounds and showed injuries come his face.


Jennifer Lee Chapman, 37, to be arrested Wednesday top top aggravated battery charges, which room a felony in Florida.Photo courtesy of Pinellas ar Sheriff"s Office
Chapman apparently fled the scene on foot. No alcohol nor drugs play a duty in the incident, and also there were no witnesses, according to the report. The incident developed last Friday, yet Chapman was not arrested until Wednesday.

In addition to this charges, Chapman might be in problem for violating she probation. Critical October she to be sentenced to 2 years probation after ~ pleading guilty to illegal possessing crystal meth, marijuana and Xanax, according to

The arrest comes simply two days after a woman in West Virginia admitted come the 2017 stabbing fatality of she husband throughout rough sex-related "foreplay."

On Monday, Jennifer Lynn Via, 49, to be sentenced come 15 years because that the stabbing death of she husband, thomas Via.

Jennifer at first told authorities she husband had slipped and fell top top the 14-inch dagger that went v his heart. She later on confessed the the pair had been watching "kung fu" movies, and also that resulted in violent foreplay by using weapons, according to abc News.

She called Cabell Circuit judge Gregory Howard she stabbed her husband in the earlier with a decorative dagger top top Nov. 4, 2017, in Huntington at your home, follow to the Huntington Herald-Dispatch.

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She stated she put the knife versus his back and penetrated it about seven inches into his back, which eventually struck his heart. That bled to fatality internally.