Joshua James (left) is viewed on a newly released surveillance video clip throwing this gator (bottom right) through a Wendy"s drive-thru window.Splash News; AP

Surveillance video clip released Thursday shows a Florida guy tossing a live alligator v a Wendy’s restaurant drive-thru window, providing brand-new details ~ above an occurrence that emerged in Palm beach County last October.

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In the video, Jupiter, Fla. Residents Joshua James deserve to be checked out paying for his drink order approximately 1:30 AM, then, together the woman cashier turns her earlier to the client to obtain change, James is watched tossing a blurry object with the drive-thru window and quickly driving away. That object was a 3.5 foot alligator James later claimed to have found on the side of the road, according to Florida Fish Wildlife and also Conservation officials.

The Wendy’s employee an initial appears to be laugh at the reptile but soon gets spooked and moves to the ledge of drive-thru window before hurling it s her outside.

The security footage native Wendy’s was noted to The smoking Gun in an answer to a liberty of info Act request filed through Florida prosecutors.

In February, James to be arrested and also charged with attack with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, illegal possession of one alligator and also petty theft. After posting $6,000 bond, James was legally banned from every Wendy’s restaurants and is prohibition from contact with “any pets except existing family dog.” he was additionally ordered to experience a mental health and wellness evaluation and to stop possessing any kind of weapons.

In February, James called WPTV that is that “sorry because that what that did” and that he “was just being stupid and also not thinking.” He insurance claims his “pranking” job are currently over.

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When request why he made decision to throw an alligator through the drive-thru window, James said, “We’re similar to outdoors kinda people and just noþeles we discover we kinda just like catch – girlfriend know, snakes, lizards, anything. And we just saw one alligator and also caught it and also were taking care of it and like ns said, ideas start popping and also one thing cause another.”

James was reserved to show up in court at the finish of critical month yet an official with Palm coast County Clerk and Comptroller’s office called FoxNews.com that his court date has been postponed till May.