Listen Transcript Hello. Hi, good afternoon. This is malcolm calling for the Florida police and troopers association. Sir. The reason for the recorded call is that the offices have actually just started a yearly advantage drive. And as a payment fundraiser for community cares, were sending out the new pledge crucial to every support and also residents. Now the goal of the drive is to help carry out up come date, cultivate for legislation enforcement in Florida and deaf services to the households of member officers eliminated in the line of duty. So sir, as soon as you obtain your official receipt and also return envelope, can these police officers count on her one time assistance So deserve to they count on her support. Date Blocked June 28, 2021 Call Activity short Last detected 4 month ago

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Greatest thing because sliced bread! Every time us hear 'one ring' we high 5 each other and an outbreak in a large smile. Say thanks to you.....thank you.

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— J. O, Nov 29th, 9:17am

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the emotion of contentment when the phone just rings ONCE!!!! say thanks to you call everyone...................

— Happy I, Nov 29th, 9:28am

Even when an occasional robo call gets through, i really gain satisfaction in reporting the number. Many times, however, after 1 ring these calls walk away! I'm loving this...couldn't be an ext pleased!

— Edward G, Nov 29th, 9:33am

We love it yet are now gaining strange calls through a 2 digit area password so the they are essentially getting around the blocking.

— Brian C, Nov 29th, 10:17am

The biggest thing because Private call numbers and also no an ext Party Lines. We chuckle every time a contact is blocked, learning that we didn't require to get up indigenous what we were to be doing. I keep an updated record of all unwanted calls my call Blocking Phone and of those mine friends in ~, block for us. Amazing stuff, numerous thanks...

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— George, Nov 29th, 10:44am

I think it's the ideal invention ever! because I retired, I've been amazed in ~ the number of calls throughout the day, no to mention at night up until 9:00 pm. I love! i let the call ring, if it stops after one ring, I recognize I don't need to answer it!!! and I don't have all those hang-ups on mine voice mail either! give thanks to you,!!!

— Deni C, Nov 29th, 11:37am

We love your organization especially throughout election season. It clogged all those an extremely pesky election people.

— Suzan, Nov 29th, 12:10pm
The variety of frustrating robocalls is exploding, but there are an ext options than ever before to fight back
...those illegal prerecorded messages hawking every little thing from timeshares in the Bahamas to complimentary money.