After months of waiting and also wondering, all ticket alternatives (and AP upgrades) room now available for sale for Universal’s Volcano Bay!

Starting today, girlfriend can book your visit come Volcano Bay v a selection of alternatives to pick from. Single-Day, Multi-Day, 3-Park tickets, and new 3-Park yearly Passes room all currently available. One-of-a-kind discount rates for Florida Residents and also upgrade alternatives for existing annual Pass holders are additionally available.

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Click on the ar title below for ticket bespeak information and also further details including much more pricing information. View the bottom that the web page for details on upgrading your yearly Pass and new AP pricing. Friend can also contact our holidays partner location in Florida for the best vacation package deals!

Universal Orlando 3-Park Multi-Day Tickets

All 3-Park Multi-Day tickets sell guest join to global Studios Florida, Universal’s islands of Adventure and Universal’s Volcano bay Water theme Park

• Options easily accessible from 2 to 5 job in duration• Prices begin at $92.00 every day for park come park• Prices start at $74.00 for one park every day (3-day ticket)

Florida resident 3-Park Multi-Day Tickets

The Florida resident 3-Park Multi-Day ticket entitles one guest admission to all 3 of universal Orlando’s template parks: global Studios Florida, Universal’s islands of Adventure and also Universal’s Volcano only Water layout Park

• Options obtainable from 2 to 3 days in duration • Valid as much as 180 days after purchase • *Proof the Florida residency required

Universal Orlando 3-Park annual Pass

Includes admission to global Studios Florida, Universal’s archipelago of Adventure and also Universal’s Volcano bay Water design template Park, plus distinct benefits exclude, to annual Passholders consisting of discounts and also perks, totally free admission to distinct events and also more

• Four different pass options are available • FlexPay option also available with short monthly payment after one initial under payment • Upgrades from your existing 2-park AP to a 3-park available, starting at $99, more details below

Universal’s Volcano only 1-Day admission Ticket

• One-day admission to Universal’s Volcano only • Price for someday adult: $67.00

Universal’s Volcano bay Express Pass

With global Express, guests can bypass the virtual Line experience and enjoy Volcano Bay’s rides at their convenience

UPDATE: Universal has actually discontinued the revenue of Express because that Volcano Bay at this time. If you have currently purchased to express you will certainly still have the ability to use it the job of your visit, but no extr Express passes will certainly be sold. This is in result until further notice. Call Universal Orlando at 407-224-7840 with any type of questions.

• global Express (1 time per ride) starts at $19.99 per day • global Express unlimited starts at $39.99 per day

Upgrading Your yearly Pass To include Volcano Bay

If you room a current Passholder, you can upgrade come a 3-Park Pass the will incorporate Volcano Bay. You’ll simply need to pay the difference in between your current pass and your new pass. Her pass expiration date will not change and, if you room on FlexPay, her monthly payment will continue to be the same.

• Upgrade her Seasonal Pass, power Pass, or desired Pass for only $99. • Upgrade your Premier pass for $149.

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Volcano just Blackout Dates – Seasonal, Power, and Preferred overcome all have blackout dates for Volcano Bay throughout the month of July in 2017, (July 1-31.) Premier pass does not have any type of blackout dates. (Any existing blackout days for global Studios and Islands of Adventure have actually not changed for annual passes.)

How to Upgrade – Visit the Passholder Upgrade facility at archipelago of Adventure from April 3–April 30, 2017, between the hours of 8am and also 6pm to upgrade your Pass. (All Passholders should be present in order come upgrade their passes. Girlfriend cannot upgrade passes because that members of your family, unless they space present.)

Full Pricing details for 2-Park and 3-Park yearly Passes


3-Park Passholders have the right to start visiting Volcano Bay once it officially opens may 25, 2017. Visit our vacation partner location in Florida and request a totally free quote because that the best vacation package deals! You can see all of our Volcano bay news and Construction to update here.