The traffic protect against — the trooper was not ticketed or arrested — was one of the latest actions in a back-and-forth feud

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By David Ovalle and Diana MoskovitzThe Miami Herald

MIAMI — Miami Police officer thomas Vokaty may have picked the not correct state trooper come pull over in an evident retaliatory move in tensions between the 2 departments.

The trooper, established as Cpl. Victor Luquis, has a brother Ronald Luquis, a sergeant in Miami Police"s inner affairs division.

Luquis made a rapid phone call. And pretty quickly, supervisors from both departments were involved. Sources close to the examination said Luquis educated dispatch and also called his brother.

The traffic prevent — the trooper was not ticketed or arrested — was among the latest actions in a back-and-forth feud between the Florida Highway Patrol and Miami police that began last month once Florida Highway Patrol trooper Donna woman Watts attracted her gun, handcuffed, then charged Miami Officer Fausto Lopez v reckless driving on Florida"s Turnpike in Broward.

Full story: Miami police chief: It"s time "to stop" cop vs. Cop anxiety with troopers


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