DORAL, Florida – A 41-year-old teacher in Doral, Florida to be arrested Friday and accused of having actually an inappropriate sexual connection with a 15-year-old former student.

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Heiry Calvi to be arrested for the sexual battery of a minor and also Doral police called sister station WPLG the Calvi is pregnant.

Calvi, who is a teacher at man I. Smith K-8 Center, was tutoring her previous student while that attended high school.

WSVN reported the Miami-Dade institutions Police were an initial tipped off around the inappropriate partnership in March as soon as students proved officers video clip of the student and also Calvi having actually sex.

Detectives were given permission to find the teen’s phone ~ the occurrence was an initial reported.


An arrest warrant because that Calvi stated the teenager offered Whatsapp to talk to Calvi and also detectives discovered videos the the pair naked together, WPLG reported. A “Thug” pendant worn by the teenager was supplied by detectives to aid identify the teen in the video and various other photos.

Messages were likewise found in the teen’s phone native a friend questioning him as soon as Calvi to be going to “help us uncover my shi to smoke on,” follow to the arrest warrant.

Calvi is encountering charges that lewd and also lascivious battery/sexual activity, digital transmission/harmful come minors, unlawful usage of a interaction device, offenses versus students by authority figures, child disregard with no good bodily harm, possession that a firearm in school property and also contributing come delinquency/dependency that a child and firearm/safe storage from minor, WPLG reported.

It is not known if the teen is the father of Calvi’s baby and also the size of her pregnancy has actually not been disclosed.

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