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I"ve to be wondering how to go about this. I want to have my sister/MOH go right before me due to the fact that we room super close. Also, ns figured the would offer our FGs enough time to get seated through their families if I deserve to have my sister/MOH walk prior to me, as well (they won"t throw petals, just carry pomander balls and also a sign). Is the order collection in rock or would it be weird?


wondering this together well, together my flower girl will be 13 months old and also coming down the aisle through aher mother (a bridesmaid, however not mine closest bridesmaid or MOH).


I don"t think she necessarily has to walk under right prior to you, yet I think your guests would view the flower girl and expect you come come down next. That might cause a little confusion & some civilization might start standing or something. However it"s her wedding, you have the right to put the girls in everything order girlfriend want.


I dunno. Execute what you want. I don"t think that the order world go down (traditionally) is any type of reflection on your levels of importance to you.

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My FG despite lol....she to be a hoot and took her duties really seriously. She would placed down a petal and then choose it earlier up. So simply keep in mind kids are unpredictable lol.


I"m doing mine totally out the order, but I likewise have a 19 year old flower girl hahahaha. I"m having my two junior bridesmaids go out, climate the flower girl, then my bridesmaids. I want my MOH to be the critical one up there v me.


You have the right to have an order girlfriend want. My main thing is the your MOH/sister will be stepping top top the flowers the flower girl is "tossing". Ns did have my MOH wait to start walking so the I could have a minute v her add to I had actually a different song for MOH and FG/RB therefore we would have had actually to wait for the music readjust (there to be a lengthy break while my MOH/sister and I looked for the rings however that"s another story). Choose Janeen, my flower girl take it her job seriously (but didn"t go back to choose anything up. She actually had snowflake confetti instead of flower petals as the snowflake confetti went with our theme).

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Lucy - the is an additional reason why I"m not certain what come do. I don"t desire guests to be confused however I guess: v I might put the bespeak of the processional top top the programs to aid with that!

Yupp, mine FGs will be hold kissing balls and a authorize so they won"t must do much! I understand one gets superrrrrr shy despite so we will see lol

Are girlfriend coming under the aisle to a different song then the remainder of the bridal party? If so simply make certain the FG room walking towards the finish of the song, and then your MOH walks for this reason close to the end boom song changes and also here comes the bride. To help avoid confusion

Do everything order works best for you. There yes, really is nothing collection in stone anymore. Wedding parties room so varied now a-days the it"s hard to to speak what is "suppose" to it is in the order.

Do what functions for you.

faran - correctly my song will be totally different indigenous theirs. I could just placed it on the program simply so human being know