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Roll her eyes, boxing purists, yet the spectacle the is Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul will certainly take facility stage this weekend. It"s yes sir to admit that you setup on tuning in.

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Let"s it is in real: A 44-year-old retired boxing legend vs. A 26-year-old well-known YouTuber isn"t perfect representation the boxing at its finest. However it puts 2 wildly polarizing and also entertaining personalities in the ring together. That"s why it has a possibility to execute unreal pay-per-view sales.

From a boxing perspective, Mayweather (if the uses even 10% of his skill) should provide Paul a world-class boxing class Sunday at tough Rock stadion in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Mayweather is giving up 40 pounds in weight, 6 customs in height and 18 years in age, which add to a tiny in-ring intrigue, but whether you choose him as "Pretty boy Floyd" or "Money Mayweather," he"s 50-0 as a pro. Don"t intend him to begin losing versus a boxing novice -- also in one eight-round exhibition bout.

There"s no secret why Mayweather and also Paul room doing this struggle -- money. Both of them space going to take it home huge bucks for less than 25 minutes in the ring.

Jake Paul sends Nate Robinson to canvas in KO victoryJake Paul sends Nate Robinson to the canvas prior to winning through KO in the 2nd round.

Mayweather is the best-selling and also most polarizing boxer of this generation. Paul and also his younger brothers -- other boxer Jake Paul -- carry in a massive new audience the Generation Z and social media viewers since of their huge followings. Both sides bring plenty eyeballs.

"Floyd came out of retirement, simply to get re-retired. I"m around to beat the greatest fighter of all time," Logan Paul said, though there"s factor to doubt if he even truly to trust that.

Mayweather and also the Paul brothers are fantastic at entertaining. Take it the prefight news conference in Miami Gardens critical month, as soon as Jake Paul provoked Mayweather by thefts his hat and also then running away. One incensed Mayweather chased after him, and Paul said Mayweather"s bodyguard landed a beat on him. Paul later obtained a "got her hat" tattoo.

"It"s one thing to sell a fight, and people deserve to say what lock want, however one thing no one is going to carry out is disrespect me," Mayweather said.

If you take it this because that what it is -- a spectacle fairly than a championship title bout -- climate there"s a an excellent chance because that entertainment.

Would Logan Paul hit his brother?Logan Paul discusses his long-term plans because that boxing and a potential fight with his younger brother, Jake.

Former NFL star Chad Johnson will additionally be fighting ~ above the very first bout the Sunday"s PPV (yes, Ochocinco). An ext realistically, Johnson will shot to stop being knocked out choose Nate Robinson -- the most recent former pro athlete from another sport come jump right into the ring ~ above a big stage.

"I"m a boxing fan. We"re not obtaining the fights the we desire to see for every little thing reason. It"s disappointing," Johnson said priziv.org. "But exhibitions like this are an extremely exciting because it provides you two huge names here to entertain. As soon as opportunities and entertainment prefer this present itself, I"m all-in due to the fact that I want to see."

Like it or not, this "fight" map will create a many social-media buzz and the fear of missing out will lead numerous to purchase the PPV.

How and when execute I watch?

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It"ll it is in a Sunday night bout at tough Rock Stadium, whereby the Miami dolphins of the NFL and also Miami Hurricanes university football team beat their house games. The PPV part of the card will begin at 8 p.m. ET. You deserve to expect the Mayweather-Paul main event to start sometime around midnight.

Showtime and Fanmio will distribute the cable on TV and also digital platforms because that $49.99.

Who is Logan Paul?

YouTube is Paul"s main case to fame. That has much more than 23 million YouTube followers on a page that is composed of his music videos, everyday vlogs that selection from selling Pokémon cards come skits with friends and animated cartoon stories.

Paul also has 19.4 million Instagram followers. For perspective, that"s an ext than double the amount of priziv.org"s No.1 pound-for-pound boxer, Canelo Alvarez (9.5 million), and almost 30 times an ext than the No.2 pound-for-pound boxer, Terence Crawford (670,000).

Logan Paul is 0-1 together a experienced boxer, losing to fellow YouTuber KSI by separation decision in November 2019. Logan"s brother, Jake, is the an ext accomplished boxer, boasting a 3-0 record with three knockouts, including former MMA fighter Ben Askren and Robinson over the past year.

Logan Paul was a high college wrestler and football player, but his current toe dip right into amateur and professional boxing is his many boxing combat experience.

What go this median for Mayweather"s legacy, and what"s next?

Floyd Mayweather, right, last combated as a agree in a TKO success over Conor McGregor in august 2017 in ~ T-Mobile Arena in las Vegas.Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesThis method absolutely nothing because that Mayweather"s legacy. This is all about money and also using his brand to show that he deserve to still it is in boxing"s biggest draw in spite of being retired since his august 2017 victory over Conor McGregor.

Mayweather is certainly retired as a expert fighter, therefore erase the desires of a Manny Pacquiao rematch or bout versus welterweight champion Crawford and also Errol Spence Jr. However Mayweather is always around his money, so it seems like simple bet he"ll do another exhibition bout.

Smart money must be on Jake Paul coming because that "revenge" must Mayweather loss his brother. The early promotion for that bout has currently begun with the cap snatch, and also Mayweather isn"t one to rotate down a large bag of cash for one more easy win.

What other fights space on the card?

Chad Johnson, formerly Chad Ochocinco that the NFL"s Cincinnati Bengals, will fight a four-round exhibition on the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul undercard.George Bridges/MCT/Tribune News organization via Getty ImagesJohnson, 43, will open the PPV part of the map versus bareknuckle fighter Brian Maxwell in a four-round exhibition.

This will be Johnson"s first boxing bout, however he has been training and sparring due to the fact that high school. He has spent recent weeks training v titlist brothers Jermall and also Jermell Charlo in Houston. His opponent, Maxwell, 33, has dipped his feet into boxing (0-1), MMA (2-3) and bareknuckle fighting (0-3) without much winning success. Yet he still has a lot an ext professional combat endure than the quick-footed Johnson.

"My goal is to get out alive. I want my confront still intact. I desire my youngsters to still recognize it"s me. However I want to entertain. Ns don"t want to embarrass those who put the time and also energy right into me," Johnson said priziv.org last week. "People who are buying tickets, human being that are reflecting up, I desire them to leave and also say, "I wondered about Ocho, but to view him get in the ring, learning that someone tried to kill . He put on one hell that a f---ing show.""

Then we transition to the "real fight" part of the map in i m sorry we had anticipated the co-feature -- WBA irradiate heavyweight titlist Jean Pascal vs. Former two division-champion Badou Jack in a rematch of your December 2019 battle -- to it is in the most competitive bout on the PPV card.

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But Pascal has tested optimistic for three banned substances and also was eliminated from the fight. So Jack is now dealing with Dervin Colina (15-0, 13Kos) in a non-tile 10-round battle.

Btw...this wasn"t the an initial time this happened to me. Lucian Bute took steroids for our hit & currently Jean Pascal. Room you so scared of a fair fight through me the y"all have to take steroids come fight me?