Oscar De La Hoya has still gained some problem in his life right now after “confirming” a Floyd Mayweather rematch because that Cinco de mayo 2022.

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The “Golden Boy” took to social media for a late-night question and also answering session, admitting that he was “loaded” on alcohol an ext than once.

Due to the reality he’s attended rehab on numerous occasions in the past, drinking that greatly is not suitable situation for De La Hoya to be in at any kind of time that the day. It’s additionally not the an initial time this year that the fighter rotate promoter has been in front the a camera drunk.

Commentating on a Triller Fight club event previously this year, one intoxicated De La Hoya made part inappropriate and also rambling comments during his time ~ above the microphone.

Nonetheless, De La Hoya believes he’s in control of his demons, engaging v fans together his new girlfriend, Holly Sonders.

The short article seems to have actually disappeared since, yet De La Hoya obtained quoted as saying: “I have actually a large announcement, okay.

“A substantial announcement. Huge! I recognize it’s 1 o’clock or whatever. Well, just so friend know, I’m a little loaded. Ns mean, what’s wrong v that?

“I’ve had actually a few drinks. Let’s be real here. It’s 1 o’clock, okay, a couple of beers, so what?”

About a potential fight shortly after his comeback versus Vitor Belfort got referred to as off as result of a Covid-19 contraction; the added: “Do you guys want to watch me dance?”


De La Hoya then appeared to check he’s fighting Floyd Mayweather top top the Mexican holiday weekend following year. If true, that date would be might 7th for a high-profile rematch with Mayweather.

“Wait, hold on, I have actually the huge news that I’m going come unveil. I have actually big, freakin’ stunner news, okay. So i am going come fight again.

“Covid did freakin’ absent my a–. Ns was emotion the ideal in a long time, physically, mentally. Therefore Cinco de Mayo, I’m going to fight again. And the opponent, I’m going to work on .

“But it’s walking to be a boxer and the optimal of the peak elite. If anybody complied with my career here, you always know that I fought the best.

“That’s every I need to say. And also who’s the best? Floyd Mayweather.”


Seemingly having a lucky escape ~ Belfort blasted out a fifty-odd-year-old Evander Holyfield in seconds, De La Hoya might not have a chance versus anybody uneven he it s okay his drinking under control.

It’s no secret that alcohol and a boxing job of any kind of sort don’t mix.

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