Floyd Mayweather Jr. And also Oscar De La Hoya have had actually their same share that clashes over the year both inside and outside the ring, but despite Money trying to coax The gold Boy into one an ext fight, the retirement fighter will not step earlier in the ring.

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De La Hoya explained his decision come opt versus a comeback fight in a article on his on facebook page:

On June 26, De La Hoya explained to Rick Reeno that Boxing scene on why Mayweather needs to fight him, saying: "Of course , due to the fact that he has actually nobody else to fight. Clearly he demands me an ext than I require him. If girlfriend think about it, it"s obviously the easy method out. He desires the easy means out as usual."

Despite the decision not to fight, it was a proposition that intrigued the legend fighter, who on June 21 posted on his official Twitter account, stating the "only possible way" he would come earlier would be to face the winner the a fight between Floyd and Gennady Golovkin. 

De La Hoya explained that discuss June 23, telling Dan Rafael of ESPN.com. "I desire to fight among them due to the fact that they are the best and also I constantly fought the best. That"s what boxing is all about—fighting the best."

"Right currently I feel the ideal I have felt in mine life physically, emotionally, mentally because I haven"t touch alcohol for i don"t know exactly how long. I"m training. I feel great. But it has to be precious my while."


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This went against what De La Hoya said in a June 18 Instagram video clip responding to Mayweather"s sell to fight him in September, arguing he was happy in retirement:

On June 17, Kel Dansby the BlackSportsOnline listed an Instagram video of Mayweather throwing down the challenge:

Mayweather and De La Hoya fought for the an initial and just time in may 2007. Mayweather won that bout and the WBC light-middleweight title, but it was amongst the closest contests of his career as he worked out for a split-decision victory.

There has seemingly always been negative blood in between the 2 fighters, and that manifested itself newly when De La Hoya was vital of Mayweather"s success over Pacquiao in May.

De La Hoya didn"t reap the absence of excitement and also essentially labeled the so-called "fight of the century" a disappointment:

Oscar De La Hoya

Call me old school however I prefer the fans gaining their money's worth by watching an action packed fight.

Oscar De La Hoya

Im just not into the boxing, running style. I favor jumping the end of mine seat because a fight to be existing and the fans acquired their money's worth.

De La Hoya is seven years eliminated from his last fight, and also even despite Mayweather is much older at 38 than he was during their vault encounter, he would have actually a massive benefit due come the ring rust De La Hoya would undoubtedly had actually to get over to prepare because that the bout.

Mayweather"s an obstacle seemed like an effort to generate publicity and also punk out among his best rivals quite than an yes, really setup because that a fight, one that De La Hoya isn"t spring for.

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