On 17th September 2011, previous WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz confronted boxing’s ‘Pretty Boy’, Floyd Mayweather at the MGM grand in ras Vegas. Come date, this struggle is considered one the the most controversial in the sport. Mayweather seemed like the leading boxer appropriate from the get-go.

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It looked as if the hit was progressing in favor of ‘Money’ with the rounds. However, the end of the fight resulted in a many of conflict in the boxing neighborhood as Mayweather closed the show for Victor Ortiz v ‘sucker-punch’. Also a decade later, boxing purists quiet argue and also debate even if it is the knockout to be fair and also ethical.

In the first couple of rounds, Victor Ortiz seemed agile and also showed explosive striking. While the did no look choose the weaker opponent, Floyd Mayweather‘s world-class defense and also movement assisted him dodge most of Ortiz’s shots. In the fourth round, Ortiz introduced a headbutt at Mayweather’s face and this opened up up a reduced inside his mouth.


Referee Joe Cortez i found it this illegal move and also immediately intervened, split both fighters, and even deducted a allude from Ortiz. As quickly as the referee resumed the fight, Ortiz approached his opponent and also even hugged him.


In a split 2nd after embracing him, Floyd Mayweather automatically struck him v a left hook and also followed it v a ideal hand.

This reduce Victor Ortiz appropriate away and also because he might not get ago up after ~ 10 counts, Cortez dubbed off the fight.

Floyd Mayweather carried in a tiny bit that Muay Thai

In an interview, Victor Ortiz revealed and exposed Floyd Mayweather’s slick motions inside the ring on the night. He said that his opponent landed 16 elbow strikes to his appropriate eye, which caused severe damage. Ortiz likewise pointed the end that the referee did not think about his early complaint about the elbows and instead inquiry him come continue.

I’ll be honest, what led up to that headbutt to be that ns took 16 elbows to my right eye, as such making it closed. Floyd walk this really slick point where he is throwing a hook, the looks favor a hook is landing, but in reality, he is landing the elbow. Therefore he began hitting me with that elbow, i took 16 the them. In between there, ns called about 4 of those to Cortez ‘elbow, Cortez, elbow!’, he claimed ‘keep boxing Vic, save boxing Ortiz’,” said Victor Ortiz.


LAS VEGAS, NV – SEPTEMBER 17: Floyd Mayweather Jr. (L) and also Victor Ortiz fight in the fourth round of their WBC welterweight title fight at the MGM cool Garden Arena September 17, 2011 in ras Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather knocked out Ortiz in the fourth round to victory the title. (Photo through Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

At the end of ring 2, Ortiz said his corner around the elbow strikes and also pointed out that they to be hurting him. Castle asked him to tell that to the referee even when that had already done that. Out of the blue, a cornerman inquiry him to headbutt Mayweather and said the his opponent could make the go remote if the doesn’t respond to his elbows. Ortiz did not pay much attention come this advice and also proceeded with rounds 3 and 4.

Victor Ortiz nearly had his retina ripped out

In round 4, Ortiz doubled under on his explosive striking. As he managed to push Mayweather right into the corner, his Philly shell guard verified ineffective and he resorted to an additional elbow strike to his eye. The felt as if it had caused a retina injury. A irritable Ortiz then decided to will to dirty beat by launching a headbutt right into his opponent’s face.

So third and fourth, i’m pressuring forward and he has actually that look in his eye like ‘I’ve never been hit prefer this before, what’s going on?’. He to be going back, uncomfortably, no on his terms.

“So, ns coming forward and also I got him against the ropes and that little thing the does (Philly shell), the defense don’t occupational for me, i’m left-handed.


“And then out of nowhere, the hit me through that elbow and also it felt like he ripped my retina. Man, once he go that, ns thought, boom,”  Ortiz added.

Ortiz added that the was no proud of that foul play and also that throughout his considerable amateur and professional career, he had not excellent anything choose that. He stated that the felt prefer a “dirty person” on the night.

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After Floyd landing the very first sharp left hook to his face, Ortiz said that that looked in ~ Cortez for a time-in but then his adversary landed a subsequent ideal hand that then to reduce him come the canvas. He also pointed the end that Cortez’s countdown was very fast and the fastest the had ever seen in his career.