While COVID-19 rampaged through the state, flu situations dramatically decreased in the 2020-2021 flu season in Illinois and Champaign County contrasted to last flu season.

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The previous season observed 4,457 positive flu exam statewide, while just 27 human being tested confident this season therefore far, with only 4 weeks remaining. Nine pediatric deaths were linked to the flu last season, and zero pediatric deaths have actually been reported this season. COVID has caused end 22,000 deaths in Illinois and 146 deaths in the county.

Influenza-like illnesses, frequently referred to as the flu, is defined as fever higher than 100°F with a cough and/or sore throat.

Flu task began come decrease in mid-November 2020, according to Illinois public wellness officials. The previous year the activity began to spike. The shortest flu activity Illinois experienced this season was in March 2021. The flu season usually ranges from October come May.

The greatest flu price in Illinois in the past few seasons remained in mid-February of 2020 in ~ 7.4%. Compared to February 2021, there was a 93.2% diminish in flu activity, resulting in the lowest rates in the past 5 years.

Doctor’s office visits for influenza-like condition (ILI), or the flu, additionally decreased across all period groups throughout this flu season contrasted to critical season.Source: Illinois room of windy Health

Although influenza is no a reportable an illness in Illinois, the public health and wellness department examines reports from health treatment sites statewide.

“These sites incorporate physician offices, emergency departments, and other clinics that report acute illness with influenza-like illness, and institutional settings such as nursing homes and prisons that report outbreaks,” the website states. “Accordingly, IDPH monitors condition trends and influenza tasks as they take place on a weekly basis.”

The Champaign an ar began to endure a decrease in flu activity in January in ~ 1.0%. Its lowest activity rate remained in March in ~ 0.5%.

Vaid claimed there to be one death in 2019, and three deaths in 2020 in Champaign County related to the flu.

The Champaign an ar of Illinois (orange line) started decreasing about week 1 the the existing flu season in early January 2021. The lowest price so far was throughout week 9 in early on March 2021.

Christopher Brooke, professor of microbiology at the college of Illinois in ~ Urbana-Champaign, stated the services of acquiring vaccinated against COVID-19 are obtaining attention. He stated that the flu has actually been managed due come vaccination.

“The period profile of world who space dying, is starting to lower and also that’s due to the fact that the first people to get vaccinated were those who are most vulnerable as result of age,” Brooke said. “And so we are now seeing the services of that and also lowered mortality prices amongst, you know, enlarge people, since so many of them have been vaccinated.”

The Centers for condition Control and Prevention (CDC) flu vaccine circulation numbers indicate more people obtained vaccinated close to the begin of this flu season compared to the vault one. By the very first week that March, about 194 million civilization in the U.S. Acquired a flu vaccine this season, when only roughly 175 million did critical season. According to CDC data, about fifty percent of the U.S. Population gets vaccinated because that the flu.

Vaid said continuing to social distance, using challenge masks and also disinfecting item will help prevent both flu and COVID-19. A healthy food diet and exercise can additionally help, follow to Vaid.

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Yet, Vaid stated it is to be determined whether or no the task will remain the exact same for the upcoming flu season.

“If all the preventive measures that people have been acquisition continue, then we need to see a palliation in the variety of cases,” Vaid said. “The one other issue that scientists likewise have is viruses compete for dominance. Flu was no able to overcome this year.”