Natasha Bedingfield performs "Fly Me come the Moon" through the national Symphony Orchestra at The Kennedy Center."Fly Me to the Moon" was written in 1954 by Bart Howard. Kaye Ballard do the very first recording that the song the year it to be written. Candid Sinatra"s 1964 variation was closely linked with the Apollo missions to the Moon.Natasha Bedingfield is one English singer and songwriter. Bedingfield obtained a Grammy compensation nomination for ideal Female popular music Vocal performance for the title track "Unwritten", and at the 2005 and also 2006 Brit Awards, she to be nominated for ideal British female Artist. Bedingfield has actually sold end 10 million albums and also 10 million singles worldwide, totalling over 20 million documents worldwide. In 2012, VH1 ranked Bedingfield number 66 on the perform of 100 biggest Women in Music.

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Vaccination and also Mask Policy

Effective November 15, 2021

To ensure ours patrons’ health and also security, and also the safety of our performers and staff, the Kennedy facility has enforced the complying with policy:

Proof of complete vaccination versus COVID-19 and a valid photograph ID are compelled to attend all indoor performances and events in ~ the Kennedy Center.

Unvaccinated kids under 12 years of age and patrons through a medical condition or a closely-held spiritual belief that stays clear of vaccination, must carry out either evidence of a an adverse COVID-19 PCR test conducted no more than 72 hrs prior come attending an at home performance, or evidence of a professionally administered Antigen test performed no much more than 6 hrs prior to attending an at home performance. Please see the complete COVID safety plan for much more information top top what is accepted.

Masks are required at every times for every patrons and also visitors nevertheless of vaccination standing in every indoor spaces at the Kennedy Center.

Ticket purchasers room responsible for connecting these rule to whomever they provide tickets. Power ticket holders who carry out not comply with these plans will not be admitted.

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Review the full policy details and requirements

To go into our theaters, patrons must show proof castle are totally vaccinated versus COVID-19 - v a physics or digital copy of their inoculation card and government-issued ID v the same name. Completely vaccinated means 14 days have passed due to the fact that the full dose that a vaccine.Masks are forced for every audiences within the Kennedy Center, other than while eating or drink in designated locations.Ticket purchasers are responsible for interacting these rule to whomever they provide tickets.The vaccine requirement likewise applies come performers and also staff.

See the complete COVID security Plan