The Area 51 airspace will certainly be closed to helicopters and also drones throughout Storm Area 51 event. The planned event to “See lock aliens” started out together a joke on Facebook, yet has morphed into a possibly dangerous situation. More than 2 million world have stated that they would certainly attend the event, and also as a precaution, the federal Aviation administration (FAA) has issued 2 temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) for the airspace around Area 51 in Nevada because that helicopters and also drones starting this week. The notorious Area 51 is controlled by the us Department that Defense and the room of Energy.

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Area 51 airspace closed to drones throughout Storm Area 51 event

The airspace about Area 51 will certainly be closed to drones during the Storm Area 51 event. The TFRs don’t just influence unmanned aircraft, but likewise news, police, and also medical helicopters the are also banned native flying over the area without obtaining special permission.

Furthermore, the united state Air pressure is intended to have actually drone-jamming equipment ready and easily accessible to stop any type of unmanned plane from flying right into the airspace. On Facebook, an ext than 2 million people signed up to attend the “Storm Area 51, They can not stop all of us” event. Organizers encourage human being to get in the restricted military zone come “see them aliens.”

Area 51 is located around 75 mile north of las Vegas, and also people have had long-held suspicions around what in reality takes ar in the minimal area. Some think that extraterrestrial life forms are gift secretly maintained in this area.

Two locations of the united state military’s Nevada Test and also Training range will be affected by the TFRs. The very first area is ~ above the southern finish of the Test and also Training Range. The temporary flight restriction because that this area will come into effect on Thursday, September 19 until Monday, September 23. The TFR prohibits any type of aircraft flying up to 18,000 feet.

The 2nd area that is impacted by the TFR is near the towns of Mercury and also Rachel, Nevada. This restriction will come into effect on Wednesday, September 18 till Monday, September 23.

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This airspace is periodically in the approach zone come the las Vegas airport, and also thus the restriction only goes up to 7,000 feet rather of 18,000.

Laura McAndrews, a spokesperson for the united state Air Force, informed the Washington Post that area 51 “is an open training selection for the united state Air Force, and we would discourage anyone indigenous trying come come right into the area whereby we train American equipped Forces.” She continued: “The us Air Force constantly stands all set to safeguard America and also its assets.”


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