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Nervous flyers, beware: a video showing 2 pilots battling the fierce Hurricane Ida has actually gone viral on Facebook. The amazing clip, presented above, has racked up over 718,000 see and virtually 6,000 reactions due to the fact that the national Oceanic and also Atmospheric management (NOAA) Hurricane Hunters very first shared the on Sunday.

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NOAA"s Hurricane Hunters usage specially-equipped aircraft to fly directly into storms—in act so, they are able come collect crucial meteorological data.

The job absolutely requires guts, yet as Jack Parrish the the NOAA called critical month, "there are atmospheric problems in tropic cyclones the make them basically safe to fly through with a sturdy aircraft and well-trained crew."

"It"s bumpy for certain at times, yet we"re fine harnessed and secure in the cabin," stated Parrish. "It"s necessary to obtain through these rough locations to achieve the strongest surface winds and the lowest press to transmit to the nationwide Hurricane Center."

Added Paul Flaherty, NOAA trip Director and Meteorologist: "We train our crews to be fast thinkers, and to have the ability to adapt come rapidly an altering situations. Still, over there are factors why most world would not intentionally fly a aircraft through a hurricane eyewall, and also we have to never lose sight of that."

The clip that the Hurricane Hunters at job-related has caught the fist of viewers on social media, with numerous stunned by the an overwhelming conditions sustained by the pilots.


The nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric administration (NOAA) Hurricane Hunters exit a video of pilots flying through Hurricane Ida that has actually been viewed over 700,000 times. A van in the hefty winds and also rain of Hurricane Ida in Bourg, Louisiana.MARK FELIX/AFP/Getty ImagesThe footage, filmed native the backseat of the aircraft, mirrors the pilots navigating the intense turbulence caused by the storm. Hardly anything exterior their windows is visible amid the brutal conditions.

However, about 45 seconds right into the clip, the scene changes: the pilots with the eye that the storm. The shaky conditions begin to ease up, and a blue skies emerges overhead. Viewers record a glimpse into the facility of the storm, whereby enormous, scan clouds one the plane.

Hundreds the viewers flocked come the comments section with reactions varying from amazed to petrified.

"There enough motion sickness meds to get me on the plane," created one commenter.

Another explained the footage together "one of nature"s many breathtaking views."

Many much more called the aircraft"s pilots "heroes."

According to the NOAA Hurricane Hunters" inscription on the video, the clip was tape-recorded August 29 on your WP-3D Orion #NOAA43 aircraft, i beg your pardon is nicknamed "Miss Piggy." they were reportedly flying end the Gulf of Mexico in ~ the time.

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Hurricane Ida has actually caused prevalent destruction because it made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday. As of Wednesday, end 980,000 Louisiana residents were still there is no power. When significant, the number comes together a decrease native Monday"s report, as soon as 1,042,398 to be reported to have lost power.