Passengers are permitted to lug along small domestic dogs and also cats in the cabin that flight. Southwest airline pet policy states that dogs and cats should be properly vaccinated. All pets have to remain under the passenger’s chair in an authorized carrier together per the standards. No pet are enabled to take trip along in the cabin of international flights.

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The Southwest airline follows the first-come-first-service plan as the seats because that pets is restricted per flight and also passengers should publication tickets for your pets as early as possible to obtain a guarantee seat for their four-legged friend.

All the pets need to check-in with the ticket respond to at the airport yet the passengers/customers can check-in online, in ~ the airline’s kiosk/ticket counter, or at the curbside.

The pet should have a sound and an excellent behavior to be authorized for travelling in the cabin of flight. Pets v the below-mentioned behaviors will no be embraced in the southwest airline’s flight.

Biting, growling, lungingExcessive barking or scratchingUrinating close to the gate area or in the cabin

Southwest airline pet policy restrictions

No pets travelling without a passenger/customer are accepted in the cabin the southwest airlines flight.WIth the unaccompanied minors, no pets will be permitted to take trip in the cabin.Pets space not invited in any kind of of the southwest international flight or any type of booking which contains an international flight.Passengers/customers room not permitted to occupy any type of exit heat seats or the no front under-seat stowage if travelling with pets.Only six pets are allowed in the cabin every Southwest airline’s flight but the numbers may rise or diminish in the future relying on the circumstances.All dogs and cats should be 8 main old or more to be permitted to take trip in the cabin of Southwest flight.The pets need to not it is in of harmful or disruptive nature and they have to not bother any type of co-passenger/customer.All pets must be put in a strong carrier with ideal locks. The carrier must be under the seat of passengers all the time during the flight.No pet is enabled to share the carrier through emotional support or trained company support animal.Passengers may have to purchase an extra seat for the pet if they space travelling through a trained service/emotional service animal or a portable oxygen concentrator.The Southwest airlines will not take any type of responsibility if a passenger/customer misses his/her flight because of the must take the pet come the outside relief area.There room no kinds if the passenger’s/customer’s pets faces any type of medical emergency.No oxygen mask is available for the pet in case of one emergency.Southwest airlines strictly carry out not accept any pet remains in the cabin that the flight.

Southwest flying v pets in-cabin

The Southwest paris withs pet in-cabin plan states that if your pet meets every the requirements and standards that the Southwest airlines pet policy then, the pet will be accepted in the cabin that the flight. Passengers/customers should put your pets in an approved carrier together per the requirements.

Southwest pet transport dimensions/size requirement

Passengers/customers can purchase the southwest airline’s main pet carriers from any kind of Southwest ticket counter/kiosk for $58 (inclusive that taxes). Every purchased pets carriers space non-refundable.

Acceptable pet carriersThe carrier which room soft-sided and hard-sided are welcomed as a pet carrier inside the cabinThe carriers should have proper locks and also ventilation system, there must be enough an are for the pet inside to stand and move around comfortably without emotional the top of the carrier.The carrier have to fit appropriately under the seat of the passenger/customer.Pet transport requirementsThe Southwest airline have limited to one pet allowance per ticketed passenger.Passengers can bring along 2 pets in a single carrier/cage if the pets belong to the same varieties and size, both the pet should have enough an are to move and also stand comfortably without poignant the height of the carrier.The pets(cats and also dogs) should remain totally(head come tail) inside the carrier.All pets should be in the locked carrier all the time, beginning from the door area to the whole flight duration. Failing to follow this preeminence will bring about the refusal of pets transportation.All the pet carriers/cages are taken into consideration as a piece of carry-on luggage or an individual item. Passengers/customers have the right to either take follow me a personal item and a pet carrier or a carry-on luggage and pet carrier.

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Southwest enabled pets

Only tiny cats, dogs, and household bird are allowed on the flights the Southwest airlines.

Age restriction

All the pet must have actually the period of at least 8 mainly old.

Restricted routes

No pets are permitted to travel with southwest airlines on worldwide flights including the location of Puerto Rico.

The pets v Southwest airline are allowed to fly on the paths of the Hawaiian Islands but still, there is no service readily available for pet transportation to Hawaii.

Restricted breeds

As every the Southwest airlines pet policy, no cat or dog breeds space banned to travel in the cabin the the flight yet the pet must be of sound and good behavior, aggressive behavior will not be tolerated in ~ all.


Passengers/customers can check-in through the Southwest airlines through any of their obtainable methods(online, booking centre/kiosk or the curbside) but still, castle will need to make a visit come the ticket respond to for the pet check-in process and payment the the pet reservation fare and charges.

Pets who will travel in the cabin that the Southwest airline flight, have to pass through a security check-up as with all the passengers/customers. Passengers will must take out their cat or dog from the carrier/cage and hold them in your arms as they pass v the security screening device. The pet carrier/cage will certainly go through the x-ray maker with all the other little items and baggages. The committed airline employees and also TSA host the best to search the pet carrier thoroughly.

Always remember to setup in development for your pet’s requirements and an individual needs. Make note of the pets relief area availability and places at the airport. Southwest airlines will certainly strictly not delay the flight because of your pet, they will take off their flight as per the booked time that departure.

Southwest pet reservations

If you wish to book a space for your pet in a Southwest Airlines flight then, call on the southwest airlines pet preventive number- 1-800-I-Fly-SWA(+1-855-568-1951) for reserving a seat. There is no insurance of seats for the pets as the seats room limited. Southwest airline adheres to the first-come-first-service pattern so the passengers/customers space advised come make appointments for their pets as early on as possible. The fee and charges because that pet reservation company will be built up at the Southwest airlines ticket counter/kiosk and the fee and charges for this business are non-refundable. If the passenger fails to use the pet booking/reservation, the fee will certainly not be brought over to any type of of the future take trip credit account. The passengers/customers travelling v their pets have to check-in at the Southwest ticket kiosk/counter. After checking-in, the pet are permitted to onboard the flight.

Passengers/customers room advised to publication their flight tickets v the online setting or through the airplane booking counter/kiosk. Together per the Southwest airline pet policy, pets space not allowed to travel in addition to their owners. If friend have any kind of further queries about the pet appointments with Southwest airline then, just give a ring ~ above the Southwest airlines pet preventive number.

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Southwest airlines pet policy for emotional support/service support and also Law Enforcement animals

Southwest airline understands the an emotionally support animal may provide mental support to a passenger/customer for his/her disability. The Southwest pet plan for emotional support animals states that passengers might take along his/her emotionally support pet in the flight but the animal must meet the collection requirements and also standards the Southwest airlines.

All passengers travelling v their pets need to present prior to all the compelled documents and also certificates.The Southwest airline just accepts a cat or dog as an emotional support animal.The pin money is of just one emotionally support pet per passenger/customer.The emotional support pet must be placed in a carrier/cage that can fit under the passenger’s seat.

All passengers/customers wishing come travel v their emotionally support pets must present prior to all the vital certificates and also documents(documents should not it is in older than one year on the actual take trip date) ~ above the letterhead the a clinical doctor or a licensed mental health professional who gives a diagnosis because that the mental health-related disabilities.

The letter must make up of the below-mentioned four points:The customer/passenger suffers from an emotional or psychological disability figured out in the Diagnostic and Statistical hand-operated of psychological Disorders.The assessment is provided by a licensed clinical doctor or mental health professional, and the customer/passenger is undergoing v his/her treatment.The type and date of clinical doctor’s or the mental health professional’s license and also the state judiciary under which the is issued.The passenger requirements a dog or cat together the emotionally support pet for the whole flight or because that any task at the destination.

The emotionally support pets are invited to take trip on the flights that Southwest airline to/from all the destinations consisting of domestic as well as international, yet some that the worldwide destinations monitor the rules and regulations of that certain country.

Southwest airlines pet cargo

Southwest airline pet policy is a bit various from the various other airline’s pet plans as over there is no Southwest pet cargo basic or service offered. Southwest airlines execute not ship any type of pets; they execute not accept any kind of pet reservation together a item of checked baggage or the cargo shipment.

Southwest pet fee

The Southwest pet fee is $95 because that a solitary side trip which a customer/passenger needs to pay in ~ the airline’s ticket booking counter/kiosk. The setting of payment because that Southwest pet fee need to be v a credit card, cash, and also Southwest gift cards. Every the pet reservation fees and also charges room non-refundable.

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Passengers/customers are not permitted to usage their Southwest points for making the payment the the pet reservation fees and charges. But the points may be provided to purchase a Southwest gift card($100 gift map for 10000 points) and then, passenger/customer can use the gift map for make payment.