Southwest Airlines, like plenty of other airlines, permits you come fly through your pet yet there are some rules and restrictions you should know around before jumping on a plane with your four-legged friend.

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This substantial article will walk girlfriend through every one of the rules and also policies you require to understand for paris in-cabin v your pet, such as fees and also size restrictions. I’ll likewise discuss the rule for emotional support and service animals. For much more tips on paris Southwest, click here.

What is the Southwest airline pet policy?

Southwest airline allows little vaccinated domestic cats and also dogs to travel v you in-cabin under the chair in former of you because that $95 every one-way.

Southwest airlines pet policy fees

As stated, pets traveling on Southwest Airlines are subject come a$95 pets Fare each method per pet carrier. Unlike typical Southwest fares, these fees space nonrefundable and may not be used toward future-date travel if unused.

So you need to really be sure that you’re walk to be flying through your pet or else you could be wasting close come $100 on her pet.

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How to stop AA pets fees

One that the easiest methods to stop pet fees is to usage the best credit card. TheCapital One endeavor Rewards credit transaction Cardis a an excellent card for general travel expenses and also its points can be supplied to offset airline pet fees since they will regularly code as travel.

You can also use an incidental credit attached come a take trip credit card. Because that example, thePlatinum Cardhas a $200 incidental credit.

Other cards prefer theChase Sapphire Reservehave a $300 travel credit that can be supplied on practically any type of take trip purchase consisting of pet fees.

Need tips for bringing pets to a hotel? Click right here to review more.

How come makeReservations for pets ~ above Southwest

You have the right to make your bookings for U.S. Domestic flights by call the adhering to Southwest call number:1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792).

On the day of travel, you must carry the pet come the airport in an authorized pet carrier. Friend will proceed to theairport ticket respond to to inspect the pet in and pay the pet Fare before going come the leave gate.

In-cabin pet carriers

You’ll have to make certain that you have a qualified in-cabin pet carrier as soon as taking her pet board Southwest Airlines.

Southwest sells an main pet carrier because that $58 (tax included) at any Southwest airplane Ticket respond to oronline (tax no included) at Southwest: The store (this is not an affiliate the Southwest airlines Co.). These purchases space nonrefundable.

If ns were to plan on purchase one native the airport, i would shot to speak to ahead and make sure that there are carriers available, especially if i was doing this at a smaller, local airport. The is because there are some reports the airports not being stocked with pet carriers.

Pet carrier specs

If you’re no going to purchase your carrier straight from Southwest, you simply need come make certain that it abides by the following restrictions:

Maximum dimensions of 18.5” lengthy x 8.5” high x 13.5” wide.Soft-sided and also hard-sided carriers particularly designed together pet carriers are acceptable.The carriers have to be leak-proof and also well ventilated.The pet carrier need to be little enough come fit under the chair in prior of the Customer and also be stowed in accordance with Federal Aviation administration (FAA) regulations.

It is no very difficult to uncover a pet carrier that complies with the over regulations.If you are in search of airline approved pet carriers below is one friend can gain on Amazon because that pretty cheap.

Additional pet carrier rules

There are also some additional restrictions you should be conscious of:

One pet carrier every ticketed passenger

Southwest Airlines enables only one pets carrier every ticketed Passenger.

If you have to transport multiple pet carriers climate you will should be flying v someone else. Simply keep in mind the there is a limit on the total number of carriers permitted on a airplane and friend can discover out an ext about that below.

Carriers might only contain 2 cats or dogs

The carrier may contain 2 (2) cat or dogs and also must be of the same varieties per carrier.

You can lug up to two cats or dog in one carrier but you cannot mix and match them. For this reason you can not have one dog and also one cat, because that example.

Must be plenty of room for your pet

The cat or dog must be fully inside the pet carrier and be may be to stand up and also move about the carrier through ease.

You’ll be placing the well-being of your pet at hazard if the transport is also small. Also, it’s really crucial to remember the you’re no going to be able to take your pet the end of the carrier during the flight, therefore you need to make sure that her pet will be okay.

If you are carrying multiple cats or dog in one carrier then you should pay extra close attention to the lot of room the they will certainly have.

Pets have to remain in the pet carrier

Pets need to be secured in the pet transport at every times while in the gate area, during boarding/deplaning, and also they need to remain in the carrier because that the whole duration of the flight. fail to monitor this necessity may an outcome in denial of transport of the pet onboard Southwest Airlines.

Notice the your pet requirements to be in the pet carrier also when you room in the door area. So together you are getting ready for Southwest boarding, her pet cannot have complimentary reign in the gate area, no matter exactly how cute he or she is.


Southwest pet restrictions

There room a variety of specific constraints for flying v your pet on Southwest that you need to be aware of:

Pets should be attended

Southwest airline does no accept pets (cats or dogs) traveling there is no a customer.

You can’t just send her pet on a trip without one accompanying customer. This makes a the majority of sense since I’m pretty sure 99% of pets will certainly not know how to do their method to boarding.

Pets can’t travel with Unaccompanied Minors.

Pets space not permitted to travel through Unaccompanied Minors.

Unaccompanied Minors room young passenger that space flying there is no an adult. There are special restrictions for this younger passengers and you deserve to read about them here.

No exit rows

Customers traveling v a pet may not accounting an exitrow or a seat with no forward under-seat stowage.

You can not sit in an departure row seat v your pet or a seat through no under seat storage (this would certainly be prefer a seat in the former row). The factor is because that safety due to the fact that they execute not desire pets interfering with accessibility to departure areas.

No confirm pets

Southwest Airlines will only bring pets in the cabin; pets room not permitted as checked baggage.

Southwest go not sell you the option to check your pet as confirm baggage. There room many an ext risks associated with flying your pet as checked baggage. Because that example, they can be subjected to extreme temperatures or a stormy landing and also you will not be there to lull them. For this reason I would think long and hard prior to I ever committed to delivering my pet like that.

Limitation on pet carriers every flight

There will certainly be no more thansix (6) booked pet carriers per reserved flight. However, indigenous time to time, circumstances may enable for more (or fewer) thansix (6) pet carrier per booked flight.

Southwest tries to limit the total variety of pet carriers to 6 per flight. This sounds like somewhat the a soft dominance though so at times they can compromise relying on the circumstances.

Age limits

Cats and also dogs should be at the very least eight (8) weeks old for travel.

Cats and dogs are an extremely vulnerable younger than eight weeks, so your pets must be at least eight main old because that the trip. And you probably want your pets come be fully vaccinated prior to potentially exposing them come something that could be an extremely harmful to them.

Good temperaments needed

The pets must be harmless, no disruptive, odorless, and also require no attention throughout flight.

This will certainly be a judgment call by the flight staff. Yet if her pet is showing signs that it might be problematic then you might not have the ability to transport them.

For example, if your dog is barking loudly in ~ every passenger walking by that might be an issue or if your pet is in a filthy problem that would also be a problem.

Disruptive actions can likewise be an issue and also here is what the Southwest considers to it is in disruptive.

Scratching, too much whining or barkingGrowling, biting, lungingUrinating or defecating in the cabin or door area

Must continue to be in the pet carrier

Cats and also dogs should remain in the carrier (including head and also tail) and the carrier have to be stowed under the chair in prior of the client (owner) because that the whole duration of the flight.

This is just one of the many important components to consider. Her pet have to remain in the carrier through the totality flight consisting of its head/tail and the carrier should be stowed under the seat in front of you.

This means that if you have actually an anxious pet you are going to have actually trouble consoling them through the flight because their head should remain in the pet carrier and the pet carrier have to remain under the seat. I have actually seen pet owners gently stroke their pet while their pet stays in the carrier however that is about as much contact is permitted.

So you have to really think about how her pet is going to act before flying with them and also perhaps shot to perform some exposure cultivate so that they are used to the carrier as much as possible. It will also assist if girlfriend can acquire your pet tired out before the flight by playing v them.

And the course, treats deserve to go really far.

No sharing

A pet might not re-superstructure a carrier with a trained service animal or an emotional assistance animal.

This dominion is quite straightforward. The idea is that a service pet or emotional support pet is there to offer a duty and the airlines don’t want your pets distracting or interfering with that animal.

Purchasing additional seats

The purchase of second seat may be forced to accommodate the pet once traveling v a portable oxygen concentrator, trained business animal, or emotional assistance animal.

In some cases you may need come purchase an additional seat.

Make certain your animal takes care of business

Southwest Airlines will certainly not it is in responsible if a customer misses a flight because of the must take the cat or dog come an outside relief area. Flight departures will not be delayed or organized in order for connecting client to take it a pet come an animal relief area.

It is an essential to remember come take your dog come an exterior relief area before your flight. But when you carry out that store in mind the the flight will take ar with or without you so make sure you allocate many of time to make it to the relief area, for her pet to perform their business, and for you come get earlier to boarding in time.

No in-flight very first aid

If the pet i do not care ill during the flight, oxygen or other very first aid measures will not be administered.

If her pet become sick during the trip then you will be responsible because that trying to aid it out since there space no actions that will take ar in flight.

Emergency masks may not be accessible for her pet

In the occasion of one emergency, one oxygen mask might not be available for the cat or dog.

You are always supposed to location an oxygen mask top top yourself first before attending to others and this additionally applies for your pet. The point is, there might not it is in an emergency mask for your pet therefore you might not be able to help them out if there is a sudden readjust in cabin pressure.

No liability

Southwest airlines assumes no liability for the wellness or wellbeing of carryon pets.

Southwest disclaims all liability for your pet once flying on your planes.

No pets remains

Southwest Airlines will certainly not accept pet stays in the cabin of the aircraft.

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This one is a small tough for part people yet if you room transporting her pet stays they will should be transported in checked baggage.