Southwest airlines is recognized to be a favorite with travelers with their passenger-friendly policies. They will certainly gladly expropriate your animal companion in the cabin if she able come comply v their rules.

But first, some unpleasant news for owners of emotionally support pets (ESAs): Southwest airline no much longer accepts ESAs on board. If you room traveling v an ESA, they will certainly be treated as a normal pet subject to Southwest Airlines’ fees ($95 each way) and restrictions for pets. 

It’s not simply Southwest, U.S. Airline have ended their accommodations for emotionally support animals as a result of brand-new rules that were exit by the U.S. Department of transport (“DOT”). Together of march 2021, many U.S. Airlines no longer accept emotionally support pets in the cabin the flights. 

There’s far better news for those traveling through psychiatric service dogs (PSDs) and also service animals. The department of Transportation kept the legitimate protections for PSDs ands service animals, and they can still plank the cabin that Southwest airlines flights complimentary of charge. PSDs and service animals are likewise exempt from many of the restrictions inserted on continuous pets, size as size. 

This article will cover how to travel through your ESA, PSD, or continual pet ~ above Southwest Airlines and what you need to be conscious of prior to booking a flight. 

Good News! All airlines accept Psychiatric business Dogs on their flights.

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What are Southwest’s demands for company Animals?

Fully trained company dogs, including psychiatric business dogs, are allowed to board the cabin the Southwest airline flights totally free of charge. Just dogs deserve to qualify as service pets under the DOT’s rules. We’ll cover just how someone qualifies for a psychiatric business dog later on on. 

Passengers should note they space traveling v a service dog once they book their reservation v Southwest. Come board through a PSD, the owner must current a completed period Service animal Air Transportation kind at the ticket counter or gate on the job of departure. The DOT kind requires you to certify that your dog is a trained service pet needed for a disability. The DOT form also requires you come certify that your dog has been vaccinated and also will act properly, and be under your manage at every times. 


Your ESA may qualify together a PSD

What space the rules for service Dogs top top Southwest airline Flights?

Once you have actually boarded a Southwest Airlines flight with your company dog, follow this onboard rules:

Service dog cannot sit in one emergency row. The service pet can be on the aircraft floor, or the passenger’s lap if the is no bigger than a two-year-old child, or must be retained in a pet carrier. The service pet cannot encroach right into the aisle or the space of a neighboring passenger. Service dogs room not allowed to sit in the seats. 

Remember, the aircraft crew can also remove a company dog the is misbehaving or compromising the health and wellness or safety and security of other people. A correctly trained organization dog must be well prepared for the rigors of being in a busy airport and plane. 

What room the Rules for Pets top top Southwest Airlines?

If you have actually a small pet that is not a business dog, you might still be able to board the cabin v your pet if you accomplish Southwest’s requirements. Southwest Airlines allows small dogs and cats that deserve to be brought in a pet transport in the cabin. Pet carriers have the right to be a maximum of 18.5” long x 8.5” high x 13.5” wide. Both soft and hard-sided pets carriers room acceptable as long as they room leak-proof and also well-ventilated. The carrier must be able to fit under the seat in former of you. 

Pets room subject come a $95 pet fee for each pet transport one way. It’s necessary to book a reservation for travel through a pet early due to the fact that pets room generally restricted to 6 per flight, and also spots are embraced on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Note that Southwest airline does not transport pets to/from Hawaii. Various rules may use for flights to/from global destinations. 

Here room some extr rules to save in mind when flying through a non-service pet pet top top Southwest: 

Only one pet transport is allowed per ticketed passenger. A carrier can contain 2 dogs or two cats. The pet must be able to stand up and move around the pet carrier v ease. Your pet should be in the pet transport at all times at the gate and during the flight. Pet carriers have the right to be taken into consideration either a personal item or a carry-on. Pets room not enabled to accounting the departure row. Cats and dogs need to be at least two month old. 

A pet have the right to be banned native a flight if that engages in disruptive behaviors or disturbing other passengers or the crew. If you’re brand-new to flying v a pet, it can assist prepare your dog or cat through simulating similar settings and perhaps beginning with a shorter flight. 

Final Tips

Flying through a psychiatric business dog or pet on Southwest Airlines can be a breeze if you and your pet are prepared. Make certain you have notified Southwest airlines in advance and completed any type of required files well prior to departure.

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Girlfriend should additionally make sure your PSD or pet is all set to manage the obstacles of flying and also will not misbehave towards other passengers and animals. 

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