Twitter is buzzing about Chuck E. Cheese news story that seem favor a recreation that the very first FNAF video game in genuine life, but not all is as it seems.

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The popular Five Nights at Freddy"s franchise is at this time trending ~ above Twitter because of some screenshots of news story describing events at one chuck E. Cheese restaurant that room shockingly similar to the very first game in the animatronic fear series. However, these story are simply not true.

when many world can view that chuck E. Cheese restaurants have actually a striking same to the Freddy Fazbear"s Pizzeria indigenous the FNAF series, there room clear distinctions that different them. In the actual world, lining E. Cheese is an arcade and also entertainment pizza place that recently filed for bankruptcy due to the coronavirus" influence on the economy. Freddy Fazbear"s mascot is an animatronic bear the prowls the pizzeria in ~ night, covertly terrorizing children, defense guards, and also game testers alike.

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However, pan of the FNAF series sometimes blur the lines between these two franchises. A fan of the horror franchise required to Twitter and shared screenshots of news stories that narratively complied with the initial Five Nights in ~ Freddy"s story. The headlines say that five kids have gone absent at the very same Chuck E. Cheese location, strange odors can be smelled comes from the animatronics, one after-hours employee passed away at a relatively young age, and that those functioning at night experienced odd motions from the main mechanical mouse and his friend on stage.

explanation under the title of the worker"s death reference chuck E. Cheese"s bankruptcy submit to lead reader to think that these story were recent and that human being were just discovering this news. However, these stories are all hoaxes, as they have never been published on the news web page that room seen in the images. While this fake news stories may look convincing, they are just fabricated, most most likely the job-related of a dedicated FNAF fan.

that is a relief that world won"t have to worry around a real life jump scare from the chuck E. Cheese restaurants together well. The next Five Nights in ~ Freddy"s rate is currently in the works, and also fans are hoping that Scott Cawthon will once again distribution with attractive FNAF lore and terrifying scares when the next video game is released.

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