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There’s constantly time come remember and honor the selfless individuals who offered their organization to defend our rights and also freedoms together Americans. Nationally observed days for company members date back to November 11, 1919 v the very first observation that Armistice work by chairman Wilson. Today, it’s more formally recognized as Veterans Day.

Many retailers and restaurants include their own contributions to Veterans work by offering totally free meals, discounts or services. This year, plenty of of these supplies are because that in-person redemption only—so those who room still practicing social distancing as result of Covid-19 will must keep this in mind.

Here are 23 Veterans work freebies and also deals because that both veterans and energetic duty personnel for 2021, ranging from complimentary meals and haircuts to cost-free national park access:

Free Food

1. Red Robin

Active duty members and veterans can enjoy a free tavern twin burger through bottomless steak fries any type of time in between Nov. 1 and Nov. 14. The offer is valid on dine-in and also to-go orders. Girlfriend must already be a member of Red Robin Royalty; the offer will instantly be invited onto her account dashboard if your army status is up-to-date in her account. The sell is great for dine-in or to-go orders.

2. California Pizza Kitchen

In the mood for pizza? California Pizza Kitchen is offering a cost-free beverage and also entree on November 11. Participants can select from the chain’s signature pizzas, consisting of its initial BBQ chicken pizza, or opt because that a full-size salad or pasta. The market is easily accessible for dine-in only, and participants should be in uniform or show their armed forces ID or other proof of organization to be eligible.

3. Cracker Barrel

Both veterans and active duty military members have the right to settle in at Cracker Barrel top top November 11 for part comfort food and also a cost-free slice of twin chocolate fudge Coca-Cola cake (with purchase). The offer is great both in-store and online v the promo password VETSDAY21.

The country-home cooking chain is also offering 25% off everyday military apparel, both in-store and online, in celebration of Military family Appreciation Month. Default items include T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and more.

4. Denny’s

Veterans, energetic duty and inactive military personnel will get a complimentary build your own grand slam breakfast at Denny’s on November 11. The deal is great from 5 a.m. Come 12 p.m. And is valid because that dine-in only. Must show valid army ID or DD 214 to it is in eligible.

5. Dunkin’

The donut and also coffee-chain is providing all veterans and energetic duty armed forces members a free donut the their choice on November 11. The deal is good in-store just at participating locations and also is not obtainable for orders placed on the Dunkin’ mobile app.

6. Gold Corral

Golden Corral’s military Appreciation event is ago to that is usual style with that in-person say thanks to you dinner for armed forces members. Any type of person who has actually served in the U.S. Military will be eligible for a free “thank you” meal. The transaction is good for dine-in only.

7. Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse will certainly be distributing enjoy the meal vouchers in the parking lot in between 11 a.m. And also 2 p.m. The vouchers have the right to be redeemed for among 10 entrees, including a 6-oz. Sirloin, two sides and any non-alcoholic drink. Vouchers deserve to only be choose up v the drive-thru however can it is in redeemed when the restaurant opens up dinner now through may 30, 2022.

8. Red Lobster

Active duty members and also veterans can take a pilgrimage to Red Lobster this Veterans Day and receive a totally free appetizer or dessert from a limited menu. Items included in the deal might vary through store, but the chain is advertising selections prefer coconut shrimp, cheesecake and also more. Guest must show a valid military ID or proof of service to redeem the offer.

9. Chili’s Bar and Grill

Chili’s is supplying a totally free meal to veterans and active service members ~ above November 11. You can select entrees native a minimal menu that consists of quesadillas, pasta, burgers and more. The offer is only obtainable for dine-in and also beverages space not included.

10. Fogo De Chao

All veterans and active duty military personnel will obtain a 50% discount ~ above their enjoy the meal at Brazilian steakhouse Fogo De Chao this Veterans Day. Approximately three family members will likewise receive 10% off your meals and the offer is easily accessible at all locations. The deal is eligible because that dine-in meals only. Verifying military ID required.

11. Bob Evans

Veterans and also active-duty armed forces members will get a totally free entree from a restricted dine-in food selection on Veterans Day. Food selection selections include hotcakes, salads, country-fried steak and more. Beverages room not included. You must display proof of service to it is in eligible because that a totally free entree.

12. TCBY

The very first six ounces of your order in ~ TCBY ~ above Veterans Day will be free for energetic duty and military veterans. You must show proof of company to obtain the deal and the sell is an excellent at participating areas only.

13. Hooters

Hooters is giving active-duty and retired armed forces members a free dine-in enjoy the meal from a minimal menu. The offer has entrees such as 10-piece boneless wings, buffalo chicken salad, the Hooters burgers and also more. A military ID or proof of company must be provided to be eligible for the discount.

14. Friendly’s

Active duty personnel and veterans have the right to enjoy a cost-free cheeseburger, fries and drink at Friendly’s on November 11. The sell is valid every day and also a armed forces ID is compelled to be eligible.

15. Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse is giving a totally free bloomin’ onion with any type of Coca-Cola beverage because that all military veterans, energetic service members and also spouses on Veterans Day. The steakhouse chain additionally offers a 10% discount to service members, veterans, nurses, doctors, police officers, firefighters, and an initial responders year-round, with valid ID.


16. The residence Depot

The home Depot uses a 10% discount to all energetic duty personnel, as well as veterans, on pick national holidays, including Veterans Day. The discount is accessible storewide and also is only applied up to purchases of $500. Precious proof of business includes a VA medical center veteran identifier card, common access card, valid armed forces ID and also DD214.

The discount is no applicable to installation or online purchases.

17. Walgreens and also Duane Reade

From November 11 with 15, all veterans, energetic service members and their family members will receive 20% off eligible constant priced items v a myWalgreens card. The discount is accessible in-store only and also cannot be merged with other discounts, together as any kind of buy one obtain one cost-free offers. You must present proof of company to obtain the discount.

18. Target

From Oct. 21 to Nov. 13, verified armed forces members deserve to receive a 10% off storewide coupon via email. You must sign up because that Target’s Circle regime to verify your armed forces status and also receive the coupon. The coupon have the right to be offered for two separate transactions both in stores and also online at Target.com.

19. BJ’s Wholesale

All military personnel will get 25% off a BJ’s Wholesale member plus a $10 coupon once they authorize up in save or online. Valid military ID is required and you have to sign up because that Easy rebirth to salary your annual membership fee.


20. Starbucks

All veterans and energetic duty army personnel, and their spouses, will receive a totally free tall cup the brewed coffee at participating Starbucks stores. The beverage chain is additionally donating 25 cents for every cup of hot coffee marketed nationwide today to nonprofits Headstrong and Team Red, White & Blue.

Other Discounts and also Deals

21. Good Clips

Veterans and active duty armed forces members can receive a free haircut at an excellent Clips on November 11 or grab a totally free haircut card to use at a later day (redeemable till December 10, 2021). Non-military customers deserve to purchase a company on Veterans Day and also receive a free haircut card to give to a organization member castle know.

22. Sport Clips

Veterans and active duty business members will receive cost-free haircuts top top November 11 in ~ participating sports Clips locations. Friend must display valid evidence of service.

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23. Complimentary National Parks Access

Entry to U.S. National parks is complimentary for anyone on Veterans Day—but energetic military members and veterans are entitled to even far better National Park service (NPS) perks. Energetic service members, their families and also Gold Star family members qualify because that the free Access Program. This regime waives entrance fees yet does no cover increased amenities or fees because that camping, unique recreation permits, preventive fees and also more. To know is required to receive complimentary entry.