Welcome come the 11th season of the priziv.org Cup, a year-long compete in which the priziv.org staff and also guests from approximately the NASCAR human being attempt to predict the winner of each Cup race.

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This season, we are joined by Monster energy NASCAR Cup series driver Corey LaJoie.

Think you deserve to do better? Leave her picks in the comments.

How that works

Each week, Cup motorists will it is in ranked in order of their corresponding DraftKings price. With just 36 drivers on the Atlanta entry list, rivals will pick one driver ranked indigenous 1-18 and one driver from 19-36. Lock will select the two motorists they think will either success the gyeongju or finish well.

2018 Scoring System

Each driver will obtain points ~ above an reverse finishing place system. For example:

1st = 402nd = 393rd = 384th = 37and therefore on.

There will be a five-point bonus because that the to win driver.There will be a ten-point bonus if both drivers finish first/second.There will be a five-point deduction every driver because that DNFs.

There will additionally be no limit to the quantity of times a driver deserve to be picked throughout the season.Without further ado, here are this week’s rankings.

Without more ado, right here are this week’s rankings.


Folds of respect QuikTrip 500 picks

Writer/GuestDriver 1Driver 2
Corey LaJoieKyle BuschRyan Newman
Amy HendersonMartin Truex Jr.Paul Menard
Ava LadnerRyan BlaneyRyan Newman
Bryan GableKevin HarvickPaul Menard
Bryan KeithMartin Truex Jr.Kasey Kahne
Christian KoelleKyle LarsonDarrell Wallace Jr.
Clayton CaldwellKyle LarsonRyan Newman
Corey BrewerKevin HarvickRicky Stenhouse Jr.
Dan GreeneAlex BowmanKasey Kahne
Davey SegalMartin Truex Jr.Darrell Wallace Jr.
Dustin AlbinoKevin HarvickRyan Neman
Frank VelatBrad KeselowskiKasey Kahne
Greg DavisBrad KeselowskiRicky Stenhouse Jr.
John HaverlinKevin HarvickRyan Newman
Joseph WolkinChase ElliottRyan Newman
Mark HowellKevin HarvickPaul Menard
Matt MclaughlinKyle LarsonDarrell Wallace Jr.

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Michael MassieKyle BuschKasey Kahne
Mike NeffJimmie JohnsonRyan Newman
Tom BowlesJimmie JohnsonDavid Ragan
Vito PuglieseKyle BuschAJ Allmendinger
Wesley CoburnErik JonesRicky Stenhouse Jr.

Standings complying with Daytona

Writer/GuestPointsBehindWinsTop 5Top 10DNF
Vito Pugliese78112
Mike Neff76-222
John Haverlin73-512
Tom Bowles73-512
Corey Brewer72-612
Bryan Gable71-712
Mark Howell70-812
Ava Ladner51-271
Greg Davis42-36111
Matt Mclaughlin42-36111
Clayton Caldwell40-3811
Bryan Keith39-3911
Christian Koelle39-3911
Michael Finley39-3911
Michael Massie38-4011
Amy Henderson35-4311
Joseph Wolkin35-4311
Wesley Coburn35-4311
Corey LaJoie33-451
Dan Greene24-541
Dustin Albino10-682
Frank Velat6-722
Davey Segal1-772

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