Jamie Lynn Spears" "Follow Me (Zoey 101)" music video clip is here! A work after ET"s to exclude, sneak peek, the visual because that the reimagined version of the Zoey 101 theme song, created in participation with Chantel Jeffries, was released ~ above Tuesday.

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The video clip begins through the adhering to message: "On September 29th the cast of Zoey 101 rejoined at a secret location (about 15 miles eastern of Pacific shore Academy) come prepare because that something we"ve every been wait for."

It then shows Spears as Zoey calling her bestie follow while on a Hollywood studio lot. The original Nickelodeon show"s cast reunites for the music video, which likewise includes cameos from JoJo Siwa, Dixie D’Amelio, Gigi Gorgeous, noah Beck, Sofía Reyes, Eva Gutowski, Loren Gray and Harry Jowsey. Spears" daughter, Maddie, and also mom, Lynn, additionally makean appearance.

The video clip mixes footage from the lover teen display with brand-new content that the actors together, and also the celeb guest auditioning because that a duty in a reboot.

ET spoke with Spears previously this month, wherein she revealed the sister Britney Spears assisted her create the show"s iconic tune.

"The Zoey theme tune was other me and also my sister were a component of creating, and also you know, i was like 12, i was nervous to walk in the studio. The course, your huge sis is like, "Get in here and do it!"" Spears shared. "She cheered me on and also she to be a huge part that that track in the original version."

The cast"s reunion has been receiving a lot of love from fans, and also the actress expressed wishes of a reboot.

"I think the the reboot is going come happen also faster now that we have done this tune because, not just was the chemistry quiet there however we experienced what the human being will look like in today"s world," she explained. "So Ithink the all this go was press this to occur sooner."

She added that "creative conversations are currently being had" with the civilization in fee of make a Zoey 101 reboot a reality.

The Zoey 101 cast already reunited as soon as this year once they all appeared together because that a special map out in the Nickelodeon reboot the All That! The episode marks the an initial on-air reunion that the Zoey 101 cast because it covering in 2008.

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See more in the video clip below.

Jamie Lynn Spears claims Britney aided Her produce That iconic ‘Zoey 101’ Theme tune (Exclusive)

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Jamie Lynn Spears claims Britney aided Her create That top ‘Zoey 101’ Theme track (Exclusive)


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Jamie Lynn Spears states Britney assisted Her create ‘Zoey 101’ Theme track

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