Foo Fighters have a history with the Westboro Baptist Church, and it ongoing yesterday (August 5) when the band faced them external the Azura Amphitheater in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

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The team was picketing external of the Azura Amphitheater before the Foos’ present when the band rolled up on a flatbed truck. Dressed together their Dees Gees alter-egos, Dave Grohl addressed the picketers. As seen in the video below, Grohl says, “Ladies and gentlemen, I gained something come say. Due to the fact that you understand what? i love you! i do. The way I look in ~ it, i love everybody. Isn’t that what you’re an alleged to do? Can’t you simply love everybody? ‘Cause ns think it’s around love. That’s what ns think. I think we’re all around love. And you shouldn’t it is in hatin’! You recognize what y’all have to be doin’? You need to be dancing!”

The band then launches right into their covering of the punishment Gees classic tune, much to the joy of the pan who recorded the moment.

Dave Grohl & The Foo fighters trolled the Westboro Baptist Church exterior their concert in Kansas tonight. Play DISCO.

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Foo fighters have had two vault run-ins through the church: The very first was in 2011 and also the second was in 2016, where they decided to precise Rick roll the group.

The Westboro Baptist Church, best known because that its “God no F—” picket signs, has actually been designated by the southern Poverty Law facility as a hate group and has been denounced by assorted Baptist and also Christian groups.

Foo Fighters: your 40 ideal Songs

40. “T-Shirt” – ‘Concrete and also Gold’ (2017)


The tune starts out as a solo Dave Grohl acoustic individual tune prior to erupting right into a Queen-level manufacturing -- even as that sings, “I don’t desire to it is in Queen” -- with one of the many good Foo Fighters guitar riffs. And then the goes back to folk. The does every one of this in one minute and also twenty-three seconds. It likewise has one of Grohl’s sage bits of advice: “There"s one point I have learned/If that gets much better/It"s walking to gain worse.” In various other words: shot to make tranquility with wherein you space in life.

Rick Neilsen of Cheap trick guesting on guitar (as if the three-guitar band require any more six-stringers), Rami Jaffe’s funk keyboards and the riff indigenous Dio’s “Holy Diver” do this tune the basic highlight that the uneven ‘Sonic Highways’ album.

it’s no surprised that a band named after paris saucers would have an affinity because that ‘90s UFO/conspiracy theory-obsessed sci-fi drama ‘The X-Files.’ The Foo Fighters’ cover of the 1979 song by Tubeway army (Gary Numan’s previous band) may have actually been a surprising choice, yet it worked very well. It’s one of the ideal of the Foos numerous covers.

The song starts abrasively v a distorted guitar riff, and also then another one, prior to the band kicks in and also Grohl screams, “These are my famous last woooooords!!!” Happily, the wasn’t true -- Dave Grohl has actually written and sung many much more tunes in the past decade. “Bridges Burning” kicked off one of the band’s finest albums, one they haven’t topped since. But note the Grohl refers to himself in the tune as the “King of second Chances,” and it’s kind of true: who believed that Nirvana’s drummer would go on to be among the biggest rock stars of the next three decades. So you will do be foolish to think the he doesn’t have an ext classic LPs in him.

Dave Grohl has always had an indie-punk ethic, however happily he prospered out that the orthodoxy of that scene. “Statues” is a lover piano ballad (with Grohl top top piano) that would certainly not sound the end of place in between songs through Cat Stevens and Carly Simon on a ‘70s fight station.

Only two world have sung command vocals on Foo battle aircraft albums: Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins. The latter of bring away the mic right here for his ideal vocal performance. And also only four people have satellite behind the north kit: Grohl, Hawkins, william Goldsmith and… Paul McCartney. That’s right: the band through two good drummers it s okay Paul freakin’ McCartney into the studio and they put him ~ above the north kit. It works though. Funny enough, “Sunday Rain” sounds choose it could be a wing outtake.

If Tom petty asked Dave Grohl to write a tune for the Heartbreakers, what would it have actually sounded like? probably “Wheels.” and it would have actually been good to hear Tom sing this one.

The Foo fighters have had actually a stunner amount of fight singles, yet some of their best songs are concealed towards the finish of your albums. “Summer’s End” is among them, and it should have actually been a hit. Listen to that once, and shot to get it out of your head.

A solo acoustic song that Dave Grohl wrote once he remained in Nirvana, possibly around Kurt Cobain. An earlier version the this track was contained on a collection of Grohl melody under the name “Late!” which to be released top top a tiny indie label as a limited-edition cassette-only release back in 1992. It’s to be bootlegged often, however has never had actually a wide release; it likewise featured “Color pictures Of A Marigold,” i beg your pardon Grohl re-recorded v Krist Novolselic as “Marigold,” and was released as the B-side come Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box.” more than a decade after Cobain’s death, “Friend that A Friend” stands together a moving tribute.

Turn under the guitars a bit, and this is another jam that could have to be a fight on to be radio in the ‘70s. Which appears to have inspired the song’s very ‘70s feather video.

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One the Dave Grohl’s loveliest songs, this one gets an aid from his future lock Crooked Vultures bandmate, john Paul Jones, on piano.

In part ways, it’s the very first Foo fighters song: it’s probably the first one that plenty of fans heard. That premiered on among Pearl Jam’s pirate radio broadcasts. In the Foo Fighters’ early days, this often closed the band’s live sets.

Grohl said of the song, “It"s one ode to north Carolina. I live there from 1991 come 2002, on the coast where there to be these beautiful sand dunes. It"s finding you yourself by disappearing.”

A sugary sweet popular music country-rock song, it kicked turn off the long heritage of hilarious Foo battle aircraft videos. Larger fans could remember that the video clip led to pan throwing Mentos (or “Footos”) in ~ the Foos when they played the track live, i m sorry led them to prevent playing it. Happily, it went back to the set; the Mentos phase has thankfully passed.

The song attributes some of Dave Grohl’s many primal screaming and also still manages to be catchy and also melodic. The tape surprise-dropped the tune and video clip and 7 weeks later, the topped the Billboard Mainstream rock Songs chart, mirroring that the Foo Fighters to be still relevant, twenty-two years into their career.

It’s a favourite of the hardcore fans, and Dave Grohl likes the too. He told roll Stone: “It is definitely one that my favorite songs the we"ve ever before come up with. It"s a nostalgic look ago at Seattle and also the life I as soon as had. That track actually concerns the definition of life.” the added, “It"s more than likely the heaviest thing I"ve ever written."

One of Dave Grohl’s most power-poppy songs, “Gimme Stitches” attributes one of his catchiest choruses.

23. “Baker Street” - B-side the “My Hero” Dave Grohl has constantly had a jones for ‘70s soft rock... As watched here, ~ above this cover of the Gerry Rafferty classic. The initial version, a #2 popular music hit in 1978, was propelled by the above saxophone playing of Raphael Ravenscroft, which the Foos replaced with (of course) screaming guitars.

One that the Foo Fighters’ most heavy songs had actually a little of an i can not qualify lyrical influence: the ‘Sesame Street’ track “One the These things Is Not prefer The Others.” Grohl has constantly been good at mixing hefty guitars and drums with a popular music sensibility, and also he does it brilliantly here, adding in a chuck Berry-ish guitar riff for an excellent measure.

Dave Grohl’s development from drummer to bandleader was a difficult one, and also by ‘99, that parted ways with three previous Foo Fighters; drummer wilhelm Goldsmith and also guitarists pat Smear and Franz Stahl. ‘There Is nothing Left come Lose’ was recorded by the trio that Grohl, bassist Nate Mendel and drummer Taylor Hawkins, and on “Learn to Fly,” Grohl was coming come terms v being the man at the top. At one point, he expressed ambivalence around the song, but later amendment his opinion. "Lyrically it to be all about just stable in to the next phase of your life,” he told Kerrang! “That ar where you have the right to sit ago and relax since there had been so lot crazy s--- in the past three years.” and the video, featuring Jack Black and also Kyle Gass the Tenacious D, is legendary.

The first single from one of the band’s best albums, ‘Wasting Light,’ this song and album reintroduced pat Smear as a full-time Foo Fighter, giving the group a brand-new three-guitar assault of Grohl, Smear and Chris Shiflett.

A quite R-rated jam about oral sex, it was an unusual an option for the very first single and also lead monitor from ‘One by One.’ most artists from the ‘90s/’00s alt-rock era no sing too much about sex, yet Grohl stuffs a lot of rock star swagger in the punky tune, bragging, “Done! Done! On to the next one!”

The song’s location is named for Dave Grohl’s boyhood friend, Johnny Park, who he’d shed touch with, but that has nothing to perform with the remainder of the song. When he asks, “Am I offering you out?” Grohl sounds defensive: all these year later, the principle of “selling out” appears quaint. But the reality is, Grohl has come to be one of music’s biggest and also most enduring stars, and he’s excellent it ~ above his own terms.

This song starts through a soaring etc riff, not unlike the one in “Baker Street,” and also the riffs acquire heavier together the tune progresses. Grohl has said that together a drummer and also a guitar player, that loves come play and write riffs; he need to have had a blast creating this song.

The acoustic half of ‘In her Honor’ had actually some the Dave Grohl’s finest songs, and also he looked exterior the band to broaden their sound. “Another Round” features Led Zeppelin’s man Paul Jones on mandolin, Rami Jaffe the the Wallflowers on keyboards (he’d later sign up with the Foo Fighters) and also famed absent photographer Danny Clinch dram harmonica.

By the late ‘90s, Dave Grohl appeared to get more and more comfortable through his inside soft-rocker, and also was writing more mellow jams that functioned side through side v his raging guitar rockers. This is a perfect example; you could virtually imagine a mainstream nation artist scoring a hit v this song.

The initial version the this to be on ‘The Colour and also The Shape,’ however the band re-recorded that the complying with year because that the ‘X-Files’ soundtrack. It’s a rare recording v guitarist Franz Stahl and is among their an initial tracks through Taylor Hawkins. The re-recorded variation is a bit much shorter and has some sweet backing vocals. The video shows Grohl law some major acting as well (it’s on YouTube).

funny fact: this tune was the Foo Fighters’ an initial music video, and it to be directed by Gerald Casale the Devo. The track is an early example that Grohl merging his love because that hardcore punk (the “I! Don’t! Owe! You! Anything!” chant) and melodic Beatlesque rock.

Named ~ the city in Virginia whereby Dave Grohl was living, on “Arlandria” the rages versus celebrity status, two years after he became a family name as Nirvana’s drummer and also sixteen year after the Foo Fighters’ first album. “Close her eyes, turn around, assist me burn this to the ground/Come now, take it the blame, that"s ok I"ll beat the game/I don"t treatment it"s every the same, clock it all go up in flames/Use me up, spit me out, let me be your hand-me-down/Fame, fame, walk away, come again some various other day.” The text were a little surprising, as Grohl appears to handle celebrity far better than most, and also it seems like he’s figured that out. Speaking of which, it’s crazy the ‘Saturday Night Live’ *still* hasn’t tapped him to host an episode!

Many the the Foo fighters songs used Nirvana’s (and the Pixies’) quiet/loud dynamic, and also “Let the Die” holds approximately the songs in both of those bands’ catalogs. The lyrics space vague: “Why"d you have to go/And let the die/Do you ever think of me/You"re so considerate,” and, just like many the Dave Grohl’s songs, are choose lyrical Rorschachs: what they average to you is as lot a have fun of friend as whatever inspired them. Eg guitarist beat Smear guested top top the song; he’d soon rejoin the band.

Dave Grohl and also Krist Novoselic reunited, post-Nirvana, double in 1995: lock played together on Mike Watt’s first solo album, and also on one album by a band called the Stinky Puffs. This to be their an initial recorded cooperation in 16 years, and also with all due respect come Nate Mendel, the Foo Fighters’ longest-running non-Grohl member, Novoseic’s base playing was perfect because that this song. He included some accordion as well. It’s more than likely not a coincidence the this album was developed by the same man who developed ‘Nevermind,’ Butch Vig.

The very first Foo fighters album was a stunning collection: a virtually perfect group of song written, sung and also played by Dave Grohl. Yet would over there be a sophomore slump? The first single native ‘The Colour and The Shape’ easily squashed the question. The video, directed by Grohl, significant the first appearance that Taylor Hawkins together a Foo Fighter; original drummer wilhelm Goldsmith play on a few songs top top the album, yet Grohl provided his own playing on many of the songs. Hawkins -- previously a member of Alanis Morissette’s tape -- didn’t sign up with until after the album was in the can.

Dave Grohl has constantly cited Husker Du’s Bob Mould as an influence (even surname dropping Husker Du’s “New day Rising” in “Times favor These”). However here, Mould joins the Foo Fighters, play guitar and singing very distinct vocals top top this song, which is one of the band’s greatest non-singles.

Featuring one of the Foo Fighters’ heaviest etc riffs, countless fans presumed the the song was around Courtney Love, but Dave Grohl has actually said the it was about his experience of living in Hollywood.

Originally composed for the ahead album, ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace,’ Grohl decided that the made the perfect finishing for ‘Wasting Light.’ it’s an uplifting anthem about second chances and starting over, other Grohl knows a little about: “Learning to walk againI think I"ve waited lengthy enough/Where execute I begin?”

Famed astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson doesn’t come up together a musical influence often, yet Grohl claimed that his tune was motivated by Tyson’s answer to the question: “What is the many astounding fact around the universe?” (You can discover the video clip on YouTube.) Appropriately, he provided wide-screen production: there’s a string section and backing vocals indigenous powerhouse singer Alison Mosshart of the Kills and the Dead Weather.

Dave Grohl played base guitar ~ above “Jesus Doesn’t want Me for A Sunbeam” indigenous Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged, which may have actually surprised part who assumed he was “just” a drummer (although if to be you kind who viewed the B-sides, you more than likely heard the Grohl-written and also sung “Marigold,” the b-side come “Heart shaped Box”). OK, however could he lead a band? The an initial single from the Foo Fighters’ self-titled debut, i m sorry was likewise the album’s command track, announced the Grohl was method more talented than we’d realized. Indeed, the an initial Foo Fighters record is basically a Dave Grohl solo album, together he sang, played bass, north and all of the guitars (except for “X-Static,” which featured Greg Dulli that the Afghan Whigs). Fans and radio reacted quickly to the new Grohl: “This Is A Call” struggle #2 ~ above the alternate charts, and #6 ~ above the mainstream absent charts.

Fans have interpreted this song to be around Kurt Cobain, however Dave Grohl has never showed that. In the Foo Fighters’ power on ‘VH1 Storytellers,’ Grohl said that it was motivated by the watch normal personalities in ‘80s films like ‘Valley Girl.’ Yet an additional rumor is that the track is around Pete Stahl, the singer that Scream, a DC-area hardcore band that Grohl played in before joining Nirvana (the band’s guitarist Franz Stahl to be briefly a member the the Foo Fighters). But a recurring template with Grohl’s finest songs is that, regardless of what lock were created about, castle vague sufficient that friend can use them to your life, and it’s probably one that the many reasons why the band has been so renowned for so long.

The ‘One through One’ sessions no easy, and during a break in the action, Dave Grohl composed this song. “It"s times choose these you find out to live again/It"s times prefer these you give and also give again” could have been about his relationship with the band, but the tune is malleable enough to fit different situations. Case in point: a number of British pop stars newly recorded a socially-distinct version of the song for the BBC; Grohl and Taylor Hawkins added to the recording together well. It additionally showed the broad and enduring very nice of the band: most of those popular music singers are probably not familiar with the Foos’ partner or your influences.

“When ns sing together with you/ If everything can ever feel this real forever/If anything could ever it is in this great again/The just thing I"ll ever ask that you/You"ve acquired to promise no to stop when I speak when.” This song was released three years after kurt Cobain’s death, and also it certainly felt like it could have been about him. Dave Grohl allegedly composed that about an ex-, but, as we’ve mentioned, global lyrics transcend their original inspiration, and also that’s certainly true here. The also plainly has a many of an interpretation to David Letterman: in 2000, after ~ the talk show host had quintuple bypass surgery, he stated that listening come “Everlong” was vital to his recovery. For his very first show earlier after the surgery, Letterman request the band to which the show and play that song. The Foo Fighters regularly close their reflects with this song, and -- of course -- the audience sings along with Dave. Many of them surely have actually their own stories too, and also it’s constantly a an effective moment.

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