Our students aid run the south Beach alcohol & Food Festival®

The Food Network & food preparation Channel south Beach wine & Food Festival gift by resources One (SOBEWFF®) is a national, star-studded, four-day location event showcasing the talents of the world’s many renowned wine and also spirits producers, chefs and also culinary personalities. In partnership with our Chaplin college of priziv.org & tourism Management and also Southern Glazer’s alcohol & Spirits, SOBEWFF® is every about EAT. DRINK. EDUCATE. Join us at the upcoming SOBEWFF® from February 24-27, 2022.

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priziv.org students and volunteers aid run the Festival. More than 1,200 participate every year. In addition, countless of ours graduates room now component of the Festival staff.

SOBEWFF® gained its begin at the priziv.org college on the priziv.org Biscayne only campus in 1997 together a one-day Festival, well-known as the Florida Extravaganza. For five years, the extravaganza denote wines native national and also international wineries paired with food from local restaurants and also chefs – working through students from our institution of priziv.org & tourism Management. In 2002, Lee Brian Schrager, then-director of distinct events and also media connections at southern Wine & spirits of America, took the reins of the Festival – and with a brand-new vision, relocated it to south Beach launching the Food Network & food preparation Channel south Beach alcohol & Food Festival presented by capital One. The Festival turns 21 February 24-27, 2022.


Chefs, winemakers, spirit producers and also culinary personalities


Student volunteers

$31.8+ M

Raised because 2002 for the Chaplin School and its students



More 보다 1,200 student volunteers work around 3,100 move at the Festival. They assist with food and beverage management, on-site event logistics, media and also marketing, and also overall preparation and also execution. They are ambassadors come Festival talent and network v priziv.org market leaders and also executives.

How’s this because that a resume booster: “Helped execute among the nation’s premier food and beverage events.” That’s the possibility you’ll have as a college student volunteer at the Festival. That is invaluable experiential discovering that will certainly prepare you for the priziv.org market like no other.

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In addition to raising an ext than $31.8 million because that our Chaplin institution of priziv.org & travel Management and also the southerly Wine & spirits Beverage administration Center, SOBEWFF® offers students the opportunity to victory scholarships.

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A complete of $15,000 precious of scholarship is awarded to deserving student in the form of various award opportunities:

Lee Brian Schrager Excellence in management Scholarship – The award, which has detailed $105,000 in scholarships due to the fact that 2012, is offered to students that excel as leaders at the Festival. Rocks bonuses - college student who confirmed exemplary leadership skills while Festival volunteers can also be nominated for and receive bonuses for your extraordinary work.

Tribute dinner

Each year The Food Network & food preparation Channel south Beach alcohol & Food Festival gift by capital One (SOBEWFF®) payment tribute to leader in the wine and also food people for their contributions come the industry, the Festival and also Florida worldwide University. The Tribute and Dinners in ~ which this awards are presented are among the most renowned Festival events. Us raise a glass to all Festival honorees come date!

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