The State fair of Texas definitely doesn"t disappoint once it concerns tapping right into your fried food cravings.

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This year, the fair"s call is hold true.

There are dishes like Deep Fried Peach Cobbler soul Rolls, Deep Fried PB & Razbrûlée, and also Bacon Jam Corn Bombs, come name simply a few. See an ext in the gallery below.

And fair organizers have actually even created a map pinpointing wherein all the new foods have the right to be found.

The State same of Texas opens up Friday, Sept. 24, and also runs v Sunday, Oct. 17.


State fair of TexasTwice-Fried Albondigas (Mexican Meatballs): Twice-Fried Albondigas is a wonderful mexico meatball through a twisted on classic Mexican flavors. Spiced beef is rolled with lightly browned rice, chopped vegetables and also aromatic seasonings, calculation one juicy, tasty meatball. First, that is deep-fried, then very closely battered, complied with by a bread crumb coating, make it prepared to fry again to gold perfection. Biting right into an Albondiga will be a culinary surprise of flavors reminiscent of our abuelitas’ kitchens. This delightful Albondiga will certainly be offered on peak of a hearty tomato-based-infused sauce. Well-off in flavor with an after-bite, this food will give you a swift kick and make friend yearn for more. Host your fire, wait a minute, we room not done! Topping off this to explode of flavors will it is in a drizzle that Crema Mexicana and also a sprinkle the cotija queso. Buen Provecho!

State same of TexasTexas Fried Surf and Turf: our Texas Fried Surf and also Turf brings a fine-dining vibe come the State fair of Texas. Tender filet mignon medallions room hand-cut and filled with chunks the Langostino Lobster. A slice of new jalapeño inside offers this savory dish a Texas crunch and also kick. The medallions space rolled v the delicious lobster and jalapeño inside and then wrapped through a slice of hickory-smoked bacon to hold it all together. Over there is no breading or batter on ours Texas Fried Surf and Turf – we fried food them until a crispy shell of fried bacon forms with juicy medium-well steak and rich chunks the lobster inside. Two Texas Fried Surf and Turf medallions are offered with ours tempura fried asparagus ~ above the side. This delectable delicacy is drizzled through our horseradish hollandaise sauce – a creamy concoction with a mild kick to height things off!

State same of TexasTexas Easter Eggs: young jim the excitement you skilled as a kid when you anticipated hunting for Easter eggs. The only trouble is (if lock were real eggs) you probably never ate what was inside. Texas Easter egg will change all the that. They will be a tiny easier come find, and also when you perform – wow, will certainly you it is in glad you did! this mildly spicy, creamy, cheddar cheesy deep-fried eggs will certainly make you wish you had an Easter basket full of lock to take it home. When they space not actual egg from a chicken, they room filled with meats, spices, cheeses, peppers, and also all things Texas, shaped favor an egg, decorated with a savory (Easter colored) ranch sauce, breaded, deep fried, and also served in our distinct Texas Easter Egg carton with a perfect finishing dipping sauce.

State fair of TexasTexas BBQ Brisket Banh Mi: Texas BBQ Brisket Banh Mi is offered on a lightly toasted Vietnamese baguette the is topped v chopped exhilaration brisket, easy coated in our BBQ sauce, together with cilantro, cucumber and also homemade pickled daikon radish and carrots. Honey siracha aioli, hoisin sauce, and also fresh jalapeño slices are offered on the side.

State fair of TexasSouthern Fried Lemon Ice crate Pie Balls: A pie ball, hand sheathe in a pâte sucrée dough, is infused with graham crackers, lemon zest, and also brown sugar. The pour it until it is full is our secret family recipe because that lemon icebox pies. The pie balls room then quit in our chicken fry, and flash-fried to develop a gold flaky crust. Then, us sprinkle the fried pie balls v our sweet fairy dust, make of honey butter powder and confection sugar. After ~ that, we height the balls with dollops the Chantilly cream and garnish them through a lemon graham cracker crumble, lemon zest, and also edible gold glitter. Among our family"s favorite desserts, made with a big Tex twist!
State same of TexasLobster Corn Dog: Everybody concerns the State same of Texas for a corn dog, right? but have you ever before had a Lobster Corn Dog? This unique, one-of-a-kind article will meet both her corn dog and an elaborate tastebuds. First, us take a lobster cake, bread it, and also baste that in the freshest that cornbread batter. Then, we deep fried food it until golden and serve through a fresh Remoulade because that dipping. Who knew that you can get lobster v your corn dog?
State fair of TexasHelmut’s Strudel: The perfect blend of savory and sweet, Helmut’s Strudel has actually something for everyone. Flaky layers of pastry are wrapped around delicious apple, cherry, and also cheese fillings.
State fair of Texas
State same of TexasFried Capirotada (Mexican Bread Pudding): Our family matriarch regularly made this family-favorite dessert, Capirotada. Combining classic holiday flavors popular to mexico families, that is a lip-smacking bread pudding the is only described as sweet, savory, and scrumptious. Bread is layered v a mixture of 2 shredded cheese sprinkled over a piloncillo (unrefined entirety cane sugar) syrup with raisins. Delectable fragrant spices room poured end the mixture, then baked. The result pudding is battered and also fried, climate crowned v whipped topping extended with a drizzle that dulce de leche. A shake of new ground cinnamon and also bright sprinkles readies the dessert for your first bite. Your tastebuds will wonder why you have actually never tasted this time-honored dessert before.
State fair of TexasBig Tex Bowl: the mac and also cheese covered with all of your favorite toppings. A rich and creamy three-cheese sauce is perfectly combined with cavatappi noodles come hold all of the cheesy goodness. Then, the topped v smoked brisket, sharp cheddar, French fried onions, chives, applewood exhilaration bacon, candied jalapeños, and also a BBQ cream sauce. A bowl huge enough come share because that friends v a Texas size appetite!
State same of TexasBag that Eggrolls: You understand the saying – selection is always good. A new vendor at the fair this year, Crunchies Eggrolls and an ext brings a bag the eggrolls come the Fair, and also the taste is Texas-sized. Fairgoers will obtain a variety of tasty eggrolls in a bag, consist of of mac and cheese, pizza, original, and also samosa egg rolls.
State fair of TexasChicken on a stick – Combo #4: A new merchant at the fair this year, Chans Chicken top top a Stick brings the Combo #4 to the brand-new food list. Vegetables rice is combined with lo-mein, climate finished off v a pork egg roll and grilled chicken on a stick. The chicken is glazed with homemade teriyaki sauce. With so plenty of tasty things to devour in one meal, this dish is best served together a shareable sample platter.
State same of Texas
State same of TexasThe Realest Cheesesteak: everything is larger in Texas – consisting of our cheesesteaks. The Realest Cheesesteak is no your mean cheesesteak. This cheesesteak combine melty three-cheese, savory steak, chicken, sauteed onions and also bell peppers, and banana peppers on optimal of a French hoagie bun. This dish has made SouthSide Steaks & Cakes a south Dallas staple and also is sure to be a State fair favorite as soon as it debuts this year.
State fair of TexasDeep-Fried PB & Razbrûlée: This is the shabby chic of same foods. The seamless marital relationship of an after-school son food (PB&J) and that one-of-a-kind dessert you sometimes obtain at anniversary dinners at 5-star restaurants together an adult (crème brûlée). The two space melded together perfectly come blend various times of your life every in one unforgettable food experience. A deep-fried peanut butter sandwich pocket is topped v a thick and creamy vanilla creme with a turbinado sugar-heavy sprinkling and also broiled and also caramelized to a hard-shell top. This Deep Fried PB & Razbrûlée is then dolloped with a perfect helping of combined berries to finish the beautiful delicious dessert!
State fair of TexasDeep-Fried Toffee: utilizing a 2019 State fair of Texas award-winning Milk cacao Toffee Square, this tasty concoction wraps the toffee square in a flakey biscuit bite and is then deep-fried. Garnished with powdered sugar bringing the end the contrast of confection sugar v milk chocolate.
State same of TexasDeep-Fried Shrimp Étouffée: If you’re searching for a concessionaire’s twist on a southern standard – this is it! Deep-Fried Shrimp Étouffée is our twist on a seafood classic! A deep-fried dumpling filled v piping hot rice and also juicy house-seasoned shrimp is smothered in onion, celery, tomatoes, green peppers, and cheese. The fried act is offered with creolian mustard or chipotle ranch. Searching for a kick? include our favourite southern-style warm sauce on the side!
State fair of TexasDeep-Fried Pancakes: It"s pancakes like you"ve never had actually them before. These are as with homemade individual bite-size pancakes, but every bite is the best part of this pancakes. These fresh-from-the-fryer hotcakes come with your choice of ours one-of-a-kind homemade syrups: maple butter, fresh blueberry sauce, or our original pecan butter syrup. For this reason good, you"ll never want pancakes any other way!
State same of TexasBacon Jam Corn Bombs: Crispy, savory, sweet – with a little bit the heat! heat bacon jam is ladled over crispy corn hushpuppies, then complimented with a drizzle that ranch dressing and also topped through homemade candied jalapeños. This bursting-with-flavor shareable treat is certain to become a State same favorite.

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State same of TexasCountry Fried Shrimp Grits: Grits favor you have never tasted before! Deliciously rich cooked grits room infused with shrimp and also cheese, created into squares, then dipped in a irradiate egg wash and also covered through a homemade batter, deep-fried to perfection. To top it off, this delicious dish is then covered with a mouthwatering shrimp and also crawfish sauce. Seasonings so good, you"ll come ago for more.