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A stormy forecast required NASCAR to relocate up the start time of the Food City 500 by an hour Sunday, and also after 205 laps at Bristol, NASCAR had to postpone the race until Monday thanks to rain.

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The forecast in Bristol for Monday wasn"t exactly clear and also sunny, however rain and also sleet stayed away long sufficient for the gyeongju to finish and also for Kyle Busch to steal the success in the close up door laps.

SN noted live updates throughout the Food City 500 in ~ Bristol top top Sunday and Monday. Here"s exactly how it go down.

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NASCAR in ~ Bristol: Results, highlights from Food City 500

(All times Eastern)

3:25 — Checkered flag. Kyle Busch wins the Food City 500.

— Jayski (

3:23 — Kyle Busch takes the command from Kyle Larson with 5 laps come go.

3:19 — Restart through 22 laps come go.

3:12 — Caution. Brad Keselowski hits the wall surface after losing his left prior tire. The yellow flag come out v 31 laps to go and also Kyle Larson leading.

2:50 — Restart with 100 laps to go.

2:45 — Caution because that rain through 111 laps to go. Kyle Busch is the leader. NASCAR does not think the rain will last long.

2:42 — Rookie Bubba Wallace take away the lead for the first time in his Cup series career. Kyle Busch re-takes the command a few laps later.

2:39 — Restart with 135 laps to go.

2:30 — Caution. Reed Sorenson spins and also hits the wall surface in rotate three, a single-car incident.

2:23 — Restart ~ above lap 330.

2:18 — Caution. Kyle Larson spins after contact with Ryan Newman. Larson was leading at the time and also fighting with lapped traffic. He was able to avoid any kind of contact other than the bang from Newman that initiated the spin.

Take another look in ~ the contact between
RyanJNewman and also
KyleLarsonRacin .The restart is comes up next on FOX. Pic.twitter.com/LTkWdmhZhL

NASCAR) April 16, 2018

"Let him know I"m sorry, but he can"t cut throughout my nose," Ryan Newman says over his team radio. #NASCAR #FoodCity500

— NASCAR warns (
NASCAR_Alerts) April 16, 2018

2:03 — Denny Hamlin takes the lead, yet a loosened wheel pressures him come pit under green. Hamlin goes indigenous the bring about two laps down.

2:02 — Restart top top lap 262, the beginning of stage 3.

1:53 — stage 2 complete. Brad Keselowski wins the 2nd stage, completing lap 250 and also making the gyeongju official have to rain return and also force NASCAR"s hand in canceling the remainder the the event.

Brad Keselowski wins phase 21. Keselowski2. Ky Busch3. Johnson4. Hamlin5. Larson6. Stenhouse7. Bowman8. Harvick9. A Dillon10. Wallace

— Jordan Bianchi (
Jordan_Bianchi) April 16, 2018

1:51 — command change. After chasing down Kyle Larson, Brad Keselowski bumped the No. 42 Chevy out of the way and take it the command with six laps to go in phase 2.

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Take another look at just how
keselowski got into the lead! pic.twitter.com/VTcvjdBIQC

NASCAR) April 16, 2018

1:43 — green flag. After about 10 laps under caution together rain intimidated the restart the the race, the eco-friendly is ago out. We"re racing again in ~ Bristol.

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