The city’s subway stations v the worst recurring vagrancy difficulties saw homelessness spike practically 45 percent over the summer, the MTA’s safety chief revealed Monday.

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The eight train station — all however one in Manhattan — were being offered as living quarters by an median of 14.7 people in August, increase from 10.2 homeless people in May, MTA chief safety and security officer Patrick Warren said.

The stations comprise some the the city’s busiest commuter hubs, consisting of Grand central Terminal, pen Station, the harbor Authority bus terminal and Lexington Avenue/59th Street, Warren said throughout a monthly conference of the MTA’s safety and security Committee in Manhattan.

The others space tourist landmarks times Square and Union Square, and Manhattan’s Fulton Street and Atlantic way in Brooklyn.

All of the station ranked in the 98th to 100th percentiles the those occupied by homeless world seeking shelter, Warren said.

At pen Station, The short article saw around eight men milling about inside and outside on Monday afternoon.

A homeless male sleeps on one NYC E train to stay warm throughout the cold brand-new York winter. Richard Harbus because that NY Post

Kathryn Wilde of the pro-business cooperation for new York City saidthathaving homeless people living in the subway systemwas“a significant threat come the city’s recovery” from the coronavirus pandemic.

“New Yorkers fear recording COVID-19 or being assaulted or harassed by someone who is no wearing a mask, most likely not vaccinated, and often evidences mental and also physical health problems,” she said.

“The MTA has begged because that police enforcement and also has rental social agencies to try to relocate people, however the problem has only increased.”

Wilde added, “We all know that there are no straightforward solutions, yet our city is used to dealing with tough problems and this need to be a top priority.”

A homeless human being sleeps in ~ the Union Square subway station. Christopher Sadowski for NY Post

City Councilman Stephen Levin (D-Brooklyn), chairman that the general Welfare Committee, stated the MTA’s findings proved “the require for much better and much more accessible resources for people living top top the street.”

“While we suppose to see an increase in the number of people top top the street in the summer months, we need to acknowledge that appropriate now, through the Delta variant so prevalent, world should not be in congregate shelter,”: he said.

“There are common-sense solutions: We should be investing in more Safe Haven and Stabilization beds, increasing access to mobile mental health, health and addiction services and focusing on quick rehousing.”

Caitlin LaCroix, a co-founder of the non-profit RxHOME advocacy group, said, “The absence of effective outreach the connects civilization directly to permanent homes and also a fail to organize our chosen leaders accountable for giving housing has exacerbated brand-new York City’s homelessness situation in the wake up of the pandemic.”

“The city needs to fully embrace making use of a housing-first strategy, which would move civilization out that subways and also shelters and also into permanent homes,” she added.

MTA chief safety officer Patrick Warren claimed officials have had to collect homeless data since the information obtained by the city is “not usable.”Matthew McDermott because that NY Post

Last week, previous Mayor Michael Bloomberg stated homelessness essential to be addressed because that the city’s economic situation to rebound native the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We cannot have actually the subways full of people who have no ar to sleep,” Bloomberg said throughout an appearance in ~ Ground Zero front of Saturday’s 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

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Gov. Kathy Hochul — who met through the billionaire ex-mayor before his remarks — also called the worry “something the is going to define brand-new York and also whether or not we’re going to have actually a complete recovery.”

In June, inner MTA files showed an increase in subway car soiled with human waste, vomit and also blood, top an agency spokesman to contact the instance “a reminder the the need for an ext mental health and wellness outreach and also social organization support in the city and also throughout the system.”

In a ready statement, city room of Homeless services spokesman Isaac McGinn stated ongoing initiatives by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration had led about 700 homeless world to leave the subways and move right into shelters.