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The fridge will stay colder if you save the door closed. Nattanee.P/Shutterstock

One that the most essential things you can do during a strength outage is to keep your refrigerator and freezer doors close up door as lot as possible.

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According to the United states Department of farming (USDA),in a strength outage, a close up door refrigerator will remain cold because that up to 4 hours and a closed freezer will store its temperature because that 24 hours if it is half-full and also 48 hrs if it"s full.

During the first couple of hours ~ a power outage, you must eat shelf-stable foods and also keep drinks in a cooler so that you don"t have to keep opening the frozen fridge doors.

Buy appliance thermometers to store inside her refrigerator and freezer.


her fridge need to be below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Wikimedia Commons

According come the USDA, girlfriend should constantly keep her refrigerator in ~ or listed below 40 levels Fahrenheit and also your freezer at or below 0 levels Fahrenheit.

Keeping appliance thermometers inside both her refrigerator and also freezer is a great way to be proactive in the event of a power outage. The will have the ability to tell you as soon as the refrigerator or freezer has warmed come an unsafe suggest without any power.

Keep extra ice in your freezer and also freeze bottles of water.


Frozen bottles of water will aid to keep food cold because that longer. Flickr/Heather Dowd

Buy extra bags of ice cream to store in your freezer to aid maintain that is temperature, and also to use later on if you have to transfer your food into a cooler.

If her freezer has actually an ice maker, empty the ice cubes into gallon-sized storage bags each time the tray is full.

You can likewise consider buying dry ice cream in the event of a strength outage. Fifty pounds that dry ice cream will save a closeup of the door freezer or a cooler cold for between 18 and 24 hours. Simply be certain to take care of it safely and also avoid emotional it v your bare hands.

The USDA also recommends keeping bottles of water in her freezer. Not only will this aid keep frozen food cold longer, but additionally you will additionally have a it is provided of fresh drinking water in case your water supply becomes contaminated.

If water bottles are in quick supply, which frequently happens once a storm is approaching, freeze fresh water in clean, quart-sized warehouse bags or food-safe plastic containers.

Group her frozen food together in her freezer.


placed all her frozen foods together. Bravissimo/ Shutterstock

The united state Food and Drug administration (FDA) proposal grouping every one of your frozen food together in her freezer if you room anticipating a power outage.

This will help keep her food chillier for a longer duration of time.

Transfer items from her refrigerator to her freezer.

The freezer can keep the food more secure for longer. Shutterstock/ takoburito

If there is a possibility of a power outage, the FDA likewise suggests transferring few of your refrigerated food to her freezerto keep it at a safe temperature because that a longer period of time.

Items such as milk, meats, and leftovers the you don"t need immediately can be safely transferred to the freezer during a power outage.

Keep a cooler or two handy in case of a prolonged power outage.

it doesn't ache to have some extra coolers. Stanley

If the looks as though her power will certainly be the end for more than two to four hours, the American nationwide Red overcome recommends pack refrigerated food into a cooler. You"ll want the temperature to remain at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so make certain the cooler is packed with ice.

If the power is going to be out for an ext than a day, prepare a second cooler for your freezer items.

Any food that has been exposed come temperatures above 40 levels Fahrenheit for much more than 2 hours, or over 90 degrees Fahrenheit for an ext than one hour, must be thrown away.

Don't shot to store your food cold through storing it outdoors.

leaving food external can tempt animals. iStock

If your strength goes out during a winter storm, you might be tempted to keep few of your food external in the ice or snow, yet it isn"t a good idea.

According to the USDA, the temperatures external can fluctuate hour come hour relying on how much sunlight over there is, which will reason the food come spoil. It can additionally attract wild pets looking for a meal.

Stock up on shelf-stable foods that will certainly stay good for a lengthy time.

Make sure you also have food on hand that won't spoil for a while. Steve Cukrov/Shutterstock

Try to save your pantry stocked through nonperishable foods, and make sure you have actually a manual deserve to opener because an electrical one there is no batteries will certainly not occupational if the power goes out.

Things prefer cans of beans and also vegetables have the right to last top top the shelf for two to five years according to the USDA"s FoodKeeper app.Other staples that will last for a while include peanut butter, rice, oatmeal, and dried legumes.

Make certain to have actually charcoal or propane ~ above hand if you have actually an the end grill.

You can grill thawing food if it's safe to be outside. Merrimon Crawford/Shutterstock

Don"t forget to stock up ~ above charcoal or propane if you have an the end grill. If her meat is beginning to thaw in your fridge or freezer, having actually a functioning grill have the right to save you from having actually to litter it every out.

Food the is beginning to thaw, yet is still at a for sure temperature, must be cook first.Before cooking, examine each item separately. Any type of food the feels warm to the touch or has an unusual odor, color, or texture need to be thrown out.

Use a food thermometer to make sure each item is cooked to a safe inner temperature to kill any kind of foodborne bacteria. recommends the beef, veal, lamb, pork, and ham it is in cooked come 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Poultry and also ground meat mixtures must be cooked come 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

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