Follow Ree"s quickest recipes to get a delicious dinner top top the table quicker than you ever thought possible.

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Cooking up comfort food doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. Because that this Deconstructed Chicken Pot Pie, Ree prepares the filling in just one skillet and tops mini pot pies v frozen puff pastry.

Save time and also start through a store-bought focaccia ring to do Ree’s speedy pizzas. She tops them v toppings you probably already have at home, including provolone cheese, marinara sauce and olives.

A creamy lemon sauce dresses up breaded pork chops for a restaurant-quality meal the comes together in no time.

All you require is 16 minutes to revolve out this hearty dish. A thick tomato mixture, flavored with red pepper flakes and oregano, renders for a bold steak sauce.

Why order take out when you have the right to throw this quick meal with each other in minutes? A short bath in a super-flavorful marinade of soy sauce, sherry, cornstarch, brown sugar and also ginger imparts deep flavor right into the beef.

This beef stroganoff comes with each other in a snap. Perfect cooked sirloin tops a bed the buttery egg noodles for basic weeknight meal.

Pre-cut vegetables and taco seasoning do quesadillas basic go-to weeknight meal. Fun fact: Quesadillas were Ree"s #1 pregnancy craving with all of her children.

Ree sears the pork chops for an excellent color and also then finishes them in the garlicky red wine sauce. Lemony environment-friendly beans space the perfect counter-balance come the luscious sauce.

Dinner for a crowd in just 16 minutes? Check. Ree brings the spices you know and also love in classic chicken Florentine, prefer spinach, white wine and also tender chicken, right into a hearty pasta dinner through juicy grape tomatoes and plenty that nutty Parmesan cheese.

Ree substitutes farfalle for the lasagna noodles in this quick, comforting dish the come with each other in one pan.

Stretch your usage of optimal sirloin v these fantastic skewers. The beef is grilled through quartered zucchini, tomato and red onion. It’s every dressed v a tangy blue cheese sauce.

Ree substitutes floor turkey because that the soil beef in this speedy skillet supper. She offer it v all the timeless taco fixings and also lets everyone construct their very own plate.

Ree uses egg white skin - man to bread the chicken and also shallow fries the to conserve calories. A seasoned of good-quality marinara sauce saves several time.

All that takes is 15 minute to rotate out the bold seasonings in this pasta. If you think friend don"t choose anchovies, provide them a opportunity here. The fillets space mashed v the garlic and briny Kalamata olives, and also they basically dissolve when food preparation in the sauce, so all that continues to be is their umami flavor.

Ree seasons chicken breasts through packaged taco seasoning and saves time through doctoring increase bottled Ranch dressing through salsa and also cilantro because that this speedy lunch.

If you’ve got 16 mintues, shot this Pesto Chicken Skillet Supper. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts acquire tossed in addition to a medley of colorful vegetables and dressed in a pesto cream.

These flatbreads are absolutely incredible. Sautéed shrimp and fresh pineapple sit atop warmth naan v Monterey Jack and also crumbled feta. Basic and delicious.

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A fast marinade adds loads of flavor to the beef and then cooks down v the vegetables right into a delicious sauce.