Last Sunday Worst Cooks in America: best of the Worst named their Season 22 winner and also it to be Red Team member Sadie Manda. The victory offered Chef ann Burrell she thirteenth win in the background of the series, besting first-time mentor Michael Symon and his pick Domaine Javier.

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Now usually as soon as it involves Worst Cooks in America, the finish of a season doesn’t make much of one impact. This isn’t Top Chef where the winner will certainly go ~ above to an excellent things in the culinary world. Many of the moment the winner go home, fans all hopefully had some laughs and also we wait to watch who will mentor the Blue Team once the following season is announced.

According come Mashed, after the finale, the Food Network Reddit thread was filled v indignant fans who were no happy about how the season turned out. From part calling the end Sadie because that beating Stephanie through a premade burger and also potatoes the were undercooked come the truth Sadie claimed she plan to usage her $25,000 winnings to pay off her college student loans, fans simply weren’t having it.

Now admittedly Domaine was a substantial fan favorite and was extremely popular contrasted to Sadie. It additionally helped that Domaine said if she winner she planned to donate a part of her winnings to a homeless charity. Gotta pluck at the heartstrings when you’re on tv after all.

That all being said, no one can convince me the Sadie didn’t deserve to win. Anne Burrell has actually won so regularly for so long for a very an excellent reason. She knows just how to obtain the most out the contestants v very restricted cooking skills. Michael Symon’s menu for Domaine to be a little bit too ambitious in mine opinion and also was a touch more than Domaine could handle.

And don’t feeling that bad for Domaine. Offered the reaction to her loss, you have the right to be sure that friend haven’t watched the critical of her. You have the right to rest assured Food Network is most likely trying to figure out some way to bring Domaine ago to the network.

So offer Sadie a break and also let her gain her much-deserved win. This is Worst Cooks in America we’re talking about. You’re claimed to laugh and have a an excellent time, not gain mad about who lost. Leave that crap because that MasterChef.

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What perform you think Guilty Eaters? do you think Domaine was robbed or did Sadie victory fair and also square? leave a comment below and also let us understand or sign up with the conversation on ours Twitter and Facebook pages.