If she both a foodie and a night owl, it’s ultimately your work in the sun. After night of adventures and nights of exploits, you often tend to acquire pretty hungry — hangry, even, depending on who friend are.

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But girlfriend don’t desire to simply pull right into the the next Taco Bell or McDonald’s. You want genuine food, the kind that’ll important satisfy.

Still, the late, and also you’re not in the mood for rapid food. No worries, you’re in luck. Houston’s ideal late night restaurants hit the spot once the hour is late.

From taquerias come steakhouses, food halls come burger joints, this list covers just around everything. Late night way different points to various people, i beg your pardon is why few of these so late night Houston restaurants are open til 12 am, and others go as late together 4 am.

So, go ahead. So much for Carpe Diem. We’re feeling Carpe Noctem.

House the Pies

3112 Kirby; 6142 Westheimer

This Houston school is open 24/7 for her convenience at each and also every waking hour. You can make yourself at residence at either house of Pies, even if it is you want to tuck in because that dessert — a part of lemon meringue pie, Texas pecan fudge or banana cream — or breakfast, having lunch or dinner.

And if friend haven’t had actually a home of Pies three-egg omelet with home potatoes at 2 in the morning, you’re no living your best life.

Katz’s Deli

616 Westheimer

This 24/7 staple is making major moves v a new location opening on Shepherd this spring, making the even much easier for you to satisfy your late-night cravings.

Much like house of Pies, the dessert may just be the main reason for her trek — in this case, the towering, signature new York-style cheesecakes. But you can’t really leave without a hefty key of matzoh ball soup.

The Burger share is open until 4 to be on Friday and also Saturday.

Velvet Taco

907 Westheimer; 4819 Washington

This taqueria, committed to bringing a fresh take on the standard Tex-Mex snacks, keeps things interesting with awesome hrs — midnight is simply too darn early on to close, even on the weekdays.

Velvet Taco’s areas are open up til 1 to be Sundays v Wednesdays, til 3 to be on Thursdays and all the means til 4 to be on Fridays and also Saturdays. If girlfriend don’t begin off v the elote, she doing you yourself a disservice. Then relocate onto the slow-roasted Angus brisket taco, annatto shredded pork taco and also even fish and chips taco with curry mayo.  


5000 Westheimer

If you uncover yourself in Uptown late into the evening, do a stop at Moxie’s for cocktails, delicious eats and more. Hours run until 12 to be Sundays with Wednesdays and until 2 am Thursdays through Saturdays.

Moxie’s steak frites, baby earlier ribs, beef vindaloo and blackened chicken burgers make remaining up late more than precious it. 

Harold’s Restaurant & tap Room

350 West 19th

Locavores go crazy for this new American food through Louisiana flair over in The Heights. The cute two-story restaurant and also tap room may close in ~ 11 afternoon on Tuesdays and also Wednesdays, simply sort the late, yet it’s open til 2 am Thursdays through Saturdays.

The cursive neon sign’s sufficient of a beacon, but you’ll uncover the prosciutto and also Burrata salad, roasted quail and pasta primavera will call your name, too.


500 Louisiana

This savory Italian restaurant may be a favourite of Alley Theatre and also The Wortham facility patrons for a quick bite before a show, but it’s definitely worth the trip also if friend don’t have actually tickets.

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Enjoy the veal parmigiana, chicken piccatta, lobster ravioli and an ext until 12 am each and every night.