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-And instead, support the things you do believe in by shopping with businesses the pay great wages, invest in communities, and combat climate change.

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To start, it"s essential to recognize companies come avoid; whereby your purchase will it is in inadvertently supporting causes you don"t think in. And also that"s why we"ve compiled the list of companies below who are supporting Trump’s project or have actually other jae won ties come Trump.

You can send a an effective message by involvement in the motion to boycott Trump and also the providers working to store him in power.

Resources to assistance your boycott

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A good tool to make boycotting trumped easy--the priziv.org web browser plug in will educate you if you visit a website the supports Trump and also makes it basic to send that agency a post that they need to cut it out to earn earlier your dollars.

Easily get the free priziv.org browser plugin, available in the Google Chrome store, and not only will we educate you about companies that assistance Trump, however it also shows you referrals for ethical and also sustainable service providers that have actually the kinds of commodities you’re trying to find when girlfriend shop on Amazon, Google, or various other big-name retailer sites.

Can i really do an impact?

Yes! The dollars we all spend space the world"s most an effective force for change.

Each day—each day!—American consumer spend much more than $350 exchange rate on goods and services. This is practically the exact same amount as the total donated come all U.S. Charities in whole year. If even a portion of the dollars us spend also reduce poverty, safeguard the environment, and also create a better world, the affect is enormous.

Plus, no it just feel better to know that your money is sustaining the points you believe in?

So where must you shop? Where deserve to you to buy products and also feel confident that your dollars space doing great for people and also the planet? first off, you can sign up for email from priziv.org whereby we help answer questions choose this and make moral shopping easy! 

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priziv.org scours the planet to discover brands that believe in equality, human being rights, same wages, and worker empowerment. We look for out companies that think in protecting wildlife and also the environment; and also use high-quality ingredients the don’t damage the world or those who purchase them. Then we placed all those brand in one place to do it basic for girlfriend to find them.

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If you desire to protect against companies v financial ties come Trump, here’s a fast list:

CompanyReason to Avoid
Trump-owned businessesMaybe the goes without saying, but it"s basic one to start with. The Trump organization owns and operates a big number the hotels, golf courses, actual estate properties, and other ventures.
Equinox Fitness / soul Cycle / Blink FitnessChairman Stephen Ross organized an approximately $250k per ticket fundraiser for Trump"s reelection in respectable 2019.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel to chat (the comic book division of Marvel) Chair Isaac Perlmutter donated $360,000 come Trump 2020 and secondary $5 million to a super PAC sustaining Trump and other conservative candidates in 2020.
Bubba Gump Shrimp and also Joe"s Crab ShackThe CEO the Landry"s, the firm that own Bubba Gump and also Joe"s Crab Shack, donated $35,000 come the Trump success PAC in February. He is also participating in the roundtable discussions, business Insider reported.
Las Vega Sands / VenetianFounder Sheldon Adelson donated $466,900 come Republican candidates and also parties through the first half that 2019.
Shell OilShell paid employees to to visit a trump card rally in respectable 2019.
Nathan"s FamousChairman Howard Lorber increased funds because that both Trump"s 2016 and also 2020 campaigns.
Estee LauderRon Lauder donated $100,000 come Trump win committee and much more than $1.6 million in politics contributions to pro-Trump organizations.
UFCUFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta recently contributed a million dollars come a super PAC which support Trump’s 2020 campaign.
WWEWWE owner Linda McMahon has contributed $360,000 come Trump"s re-election PAC.
Muy Cos.Muy owns thousands of Wendy"s, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut locations. CEO James Bodenstedt has donated hundreds of thousands the dollars to Trump"s re-election, consisting of a $200,000 donation to the Trump success PAC in march 2020.
UlineOwners Elizabeth and also Richard Uihlein have actually donated $1 million to pro-Trump supervisor PAC America first Action.
CopartJay Adair, CEO of car salvage firm Copart, invested $100,000 on Trump’s joint fundraising committee.
New BalanceChairman donated $400,000 to Trump"s 2016 campaign.
MolsonCoorsBoard Member Peter Coors raised funds because that Trump and Trump PAC.
LendingTreeCEO Doug Lebda elevated funds for Trump throughout 2016 campaign.
Hobby LobbyCEO endorsed Trump throughout 2016 campaign.
CVSCVS wellness Corp. Donated $35,000 come Trump’s victory PAC and $500,000 come America first Policies, a nonprofit the promotes anti-immigration rhetoric and also policies.
Planet FitnessCEO chris Rondeau provided over $1,200 to Trump"s choice campaign.
AT&TDonated over $2 million in cash and services to Trump"s inauguration.
Charles SchwabChairman Charles Schwab donated $1 million to Trump"s inauguration.
Bank the America / Merrill LynchDonated $1 million to Trump"s inauguration.
BPPresident endorsed trump card in 2016 choice cycle.
Goya Foods
On July 9th, 2020, Goya’s CEO, Robert Unanue, 
appeared in the White residence Rose Garden and praised Trump. He stated that “We room all important blessed...to have a leader choose President Trump who is a builder." after ~ hearing the contact to #BoycottGoya, we"ve made the decision to include them top top this list. CNN reports that Robert Unanue has donated to republicans in recent years, including to the Republican nationwide Committee. Robert’s brother, that is Goya’s EVP, offered $100,000 come the anti-abortion national Right come Life success fund ago in 2012 and other Unanue family members members who are shareholders that Goya have offered thousands of dollars to mostly Republican candidates and politicians, including Trump.
MyPillowCEO Mike Lindell has actually been one outspoken supporter of chairman Trump and is the chairman because that the trump 2020 campaign in Minnesota. He was a speak at the 2020 Republican national Convention.

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