The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming many things when it pertains to food van operation and also one solid trend is deploying a drive-thru service to protect against patrons from standing in swarm or top top lines with no society distancing in play. Here are tips to deploy a safe and also efficient approach.

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Long que lines at food van are currently a thing of the past because of COVID-19 social distancing rules and also safety measures. Photo:

June 15, 2020 | through Richard Traylor — Writer, WebstaurantStore

In the midst of pandemic life, the drive-thru window serves together a critical source that revenue for restaurants set up to market this service. Dining rooms across the nation remain shuttered or need to operate with capacity restrictions, top customers come seek different methods of notified food that limit person-to-person contact. Today, it"s typical to watch cars inside wall up about the block as they wait for drive-thru service that allows them to continue to be safely in their vehicles. Whether you"ve activate a drive-thru for many years or you"re adding this business in irradiate of the coronavirus outbreak, we"ve got tips to do your company safe and efficient.

1. Use security protocols Visible signs of sanitation are becoming the brand-new normal as restaurants diversify their solutions or reopen ~ a closure. You have the right to implement these safety protocols at your drive-thru home window to present your client you"re serious around taking measures to defend the wellness of everyone in her establishment. • Cashier shields - installing cashier shields at her drive-through home windows serves 2 purposes. The obstacle between your employees and guests protects both parties, and also it additionally acts as a intuitive reminder the you room serious about health and also sanitation. The drive-thru home window itself serves together a safety shield while it"s closed, but when it"s opened, a cashier shield adds another layer of safety. • Contactless handoff - obtain your staff familiar with using methods of contactless handoff as soon as they offer customers. One easy way to avoid direct hand contact with guests is to use a serving tray to happen items indigenous the drive-thru window to the customer"s car. • challenge masks - depending on your location, challenge masks might be a necessity or simply a reference for restaurant employees. Either way, her customers will certainly feel an ext secure discovering your employee wears security masks as they prepare orders.

2. Keep your food selection board updated If you"re enduring shortages of food items, make sure to remove those alternatives from your drive-thru food selection board best away. Keeping your food selection up to day will rationalization the ordering process and protect against your customers from being disappointed. It could take secs to say, "I"m sorry, we"re the end of that item," but you can shave time off your drive-thru wait by preventing that entire conversation. Invest in a digital food selection board and you can make changes to items and pricing immediately. Rather of taking the moment to go outside and manually update the menu board, it can be perfect in only seconds.

3. Institute digital ordering virtual ordering for her drive-thru permits customers to ar their order straight from your website and pick it up at the time of their choosing. This cuts down on your wait time and gives client the ability to stimulate on any type of of their devices, no matter where they take place to be in ~ the time. One of the many appealing functions of digital ordering is the ability for guests to customize your orders at their very own pace. Instead of relying top top the stimulate taker to get in every request accurately, the stimulate goes right from the customer to the kitchen. Offering the guest total control over your order eliminates mistakes and increases customer satisfaction.

4. Use touchless payment Touchless payment approaches speed up her drive-thru time and help you avoid direct hand call with customers. Friend can collection up a payment option on your digital ordering platform or use a tap-to-pay terminal the reads cards and mobile phones. The customer merely waves or taps their map over a contactless terminal to submit payment. This type of transaction takes secs to perform and enables you to offer each client as quickly as possible.

5. Visit your own drive-thru The best means to ensure your drive-thru business is working out the way you"ve intended is to visit your own drive-thru for a test run. Go through every action of the procedure to observe just how quickly and also easily your order is prepared. Take note of exactly how your menu board looks, recognize if the drive-thru speaker can be heard clearly, and also make sure your employee is observing safety and security protocols.

6. Keep the drive-thru station stocked your drive-thru home window should be stocked with crucial items at every times. If a employee member needs to leave the window during a change to find napkins, cup lids, or ketchup packets, the slows under your service and leaves your home window unattended. Store all condiments and disposables close in ~ hand and organize them for efficiency. The drive-thru home window has minimal countertop space, so utilize stackable condiment bins and in-counter cup dispensers designed because that compact areas. V all vital supplies in level sight, it"s much less likely the anything will certainly be forgotten. Nothing is more irksome because that a customer than realizing they have to turn your car roughly because the straws to be left the end of their bag.

7. Maintain your drive-thru window sometimes neglected, your drive-thru home window itself is the facility of task and a crucial piece of equipment. Constant operation and also exposure to the elements take your toll top top the window frame, the glass, and also the on slide track. By instituting a cleaning and maintenance schedule, girlfriend can extend the life the your window and save it looking its best. Examine the framework of the window daily and remove debris, dead leaves, or any kind of organic matter that may have end up being lodged in the overview track.

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The coronavirus pandemic has created a transition in the restaurant industry that will most likely affect the means businesses and also customers interact well right into the future. Drive-thru company presents an possibility for restaurants to take advantage of an alternating revenue currently and carry out a safe, contact-free suffer for her customers.