The europe Union is as suspicious as ever before when it comes to food stuffs include chemicals, unnatural dyes, and meat treated with artificial growth hormones. Since 1981, the EU has had stringent rules because that the importation of food to its markets, and those rules have actually only gained stricter v time. In 1989, the banned as numerous as six expansion hormones, launching a trade dispute which has actually lasted 30 years and counting. In 2003, the permanently banned one man-made growth hormone, while provisionally banning five others, and also a entirety host of dyes, chemicals, and preservatives space persona no grata in the EU together well.

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From tough shelled liquid delights, milk, dyed salmon, and beef and also pork treated with all kinds of development hormones, right here are 10 foodstuffs banned in parts of the europe Union that room not banned in the joined States…

10. Skittles


While no banned in the whole EU, Skittles are banned in Sweden and also Norway because that containing yellow dice number 5 and also 6. In most parts of the EU, every that’s required of the Wrigley firm (a department of Mars, Inc.) is to include a disclaimer arguing that the candy could reason adverse health and wellness effects and also hyperactivity. 

Still, it’s believed that these water can reason allergic reactions in part people, and also FDA tests have presented that Red 40, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6 all had cancer resulting in agents choose benzidine and also 4-aminobiphenyl. And the level released in the body could be much greater than the FDA is reporting, thanks to the truth that routine tests often tend to discover less of this cancer-causing carcinogens than when they actually pass with the colon. 

Still, we’ve never ever heard of anyone in the us being hospitalized after eating Skittles. However maybe that’s simply what castle want united state to think… 

9. RBGH or rBST Milk


The main reason cited by the european Union for banning both Recombinant Bovine development Hormone and its fabricated counterpart Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin (rBST) officially is early out to animal cruelty concerns, however there might be other adverse wellness effects linked to the usage of this hormones. Both rBGH and also rBST have been tenuously linked to the development of details cancers. In enhancement to that, the FDA found that additional study would have to be performed to determine the impact these hormones would have actually on the liver and also other organs.

But in addition to the potential disadvantage health impacts of rBGH in humans, cattle treated v the expansion hormone are an ext likely to come down with a nasty situation of Mastitis, an inflammation reaction in the udder tissue resulted in by infection from microorganisms. As a an outcome of this disease, cattle in the US are treated v antibiotics, remove Mastitis infections, yet potentially causing other troubles further down the line. 

Although the people Health company is mostly concerned about the over-reliance and over-use of anti-biotics in humans, claiming that this could lead come the advancement of a superbug, 90% that antibiotics consumed no taken by humans, they’re fed to otherwise healthy animals. And experts warn that this might lead come our breed boy essentially becoming superbug factories. As the bacteria they harbor become an ext and much more resistant to antibiotics, it’s just a issue of time prior to these traits get passed on to bacteria harmful come humans.

8. Papaya, Corn, and also Soy


The FDA and World health and wellness Organization acknowledge that most genetically modified plants (GMOs) room safe because that consumption. In fact, they it seems ~ to make crops much more virus resistant, and also the fervor approximately them perplexes scientists. Yet the europe Union simply isn’t having it; 19 the end of 27 countries in the EU have actually a ban on genetically modified crops.

For few of the other growth hormones and additives top top this list, it’s understandable why the EU would want to be an ext cautious when granting them because that mass consumption. Despite there was a scientific document linking cancer in rats to herbicides as current as 2012, that was later retracted ~ a lengthy dispute v its writer citing that while there to be no “evidence that fraud or misrepresentation that data, no definitive conclusions have the right to be reached,” definition there were concerns with the number and type of animals used in the study. 

Unlike the US and also the FDA, the EU take away a far an ext cautious approach when it comes to approving GMOs, definition that they need to pass rigorous tests and environmental monitoring prior to they will deem it for sure for usage by citizens in their countries. 

However even their mechanism is not perfect: recently a batch of GMO treated papaya began circulating through EU managed markets. The offenders show up to be Thailand farmers, who mass produced GMO cure crops. 

(Editor’s note: This entry on GMOs has actually been edited to boost the high quality of the information. The previous version did not meet our standards.)

7. Breads containing Azodicarbonamide


Azodicarbonamide (ADA for short) is a chemical provided to bleach breads in stimulate to boost their shelf life. Newly companies favor Subway, McDonald’s, and also other fast food restaurants have come under fire for utilizing this chemical. 

ADA is additionally the chemistry that enables bubbles to form inside foams and also plastics like vinyl.

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The EU banned ADA due to the fact that of its potential harmful results on person health. Both potassium bromates, a chemical supplied in bread the helps it rise in the oven, and ADA have been linked to kidney and also thyroid cancers in rats. 

So, if China, Brazil, and also the european Union have all banned the usage of this chemical in your breads, why can not use we? 

The fact of the matter is the FDA simply doesn’t think it’s dangerous. After ~ multiple studies, the ruled that it’s not harmful in humans. The question you have to ask you yourself is, which research carry out you trust more? and also why? 

6. Chlorine to wash Chicken


Chlorine plays numerous roles in the established world. The a powerful tool for cleaning water offers which otherwise might end up being contaminated and also lead come the development of Cholera when ingested (a an illness which is exceptionally fatal), yet it’s likewise used come clean other things… favor chicken.

Chlorine washed chicken method just that, chicken that’s to be washed through chlorinated water. Follow to most websites committed to chicken and also all things pertained to chicken (it’s the internet, of course there room websites devoted to chickens), chlorine washing is a food safety practice which helps store harmful bacteria from farming on poultry. 

But, when the EU doesn’t think that washing her poultry in chlorinated water will cause adverse health effects, they execute think the it’s a technique of spanning up bad hygiene practices. This, understandably, has actually made us exporters incredibly angry, as it’s a decision not based in scientific evidence, however rather paranoia.